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Keyboard shortcuts have always been a blessing to us. When your mouse or touchpad is giving problems, you just fall on the keyboard. If you have a long task to perform, keyboard shortcuts usually do the work.
Luckily, Google Chrome on Windows machines also have some useful keyboard shortcuts.

This piece is going to give to you 30 Windows keyboard shortcuts and what they do on Google Chrome browsers. You don’t need to memorise these shortcuts but once you use one, it seems to stick.

Before then, you can check out the 30 most useful Mac keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome.

30 Windows shortcuts for Chrome

Open new tab Hold Ctrl and press T
Close Tab Shortcut Hold Ctrl and press W
Open Closed Tab Hold Ctrl and Shift, then press T
View the next tab Ctrl + Tab (or CTRL + PgDn)*
View the previous tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab. (Or press CTRL + PgUp)*
Jump to the last tab Ctrl + 9
Switch to a specific tab (first eight tabs) Hold Ctrl and press the appropriate number. E.g., press Ctrl + 2 if you want to move to the second tab
Open link in new tab shortcut Hold Ctrl and click the link
Open link in new window Hold Shift and click the link
Put a cursor in the search bar Hold Ctrl and press L, (or just press F6)*
Erase the current search Hold Ctrl and press Backspace
Highlight the next word in search Ctrl + right arrow key
Highlight the previous word in search Ctrl + left arrow key
Save webpage Ctrl + S
Go back to the previous page Press Backspace. (Or Alt + left arrow key)*
Go forward to the next page  Shift + Backspace, (or Alt + right arrow key)*
Reload the current page Hold Ctrl and press R, (or just press F5)*
Open the find bar Hold Ctrl and press F
Scroll to the next keywords in the find bar  Ctrl + G
Scroll to the previous keywords in the find bar  Hold Shift + Ctrl and press G
Save the current page as a bookmark  Ctrl + D
Open the settings page F10 + Enter key/ Space bar + S
Open the downloads page  Ctrl + J
Open History Ctrl + H
Open a new window Hold Ctrl and press N
Open a incognito window Ctrl + Shift + N
Shortcut to close window Hold Ctrl and press W
Minimize the current window Windows key + down arrow key
Maximize Window Shortcut Windows key + up arrow key
Scroll down the web page Tap the Space Bar
Quit Google Chrome Hold Ctrl + Shift and press Q. (Or Ctrl + Shift + W)*


* Note that some of the shortcuts won’t work depending on the computer brand you’re using. It could be unavailability of keys. That’s why some of the tasks have more than one shortcuts.

For example, I can use Ctrl + PgUp to toggle between tabs. Also, I can’t move to a previous page with the Backspace key so I use Alt + Left Arrow.

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