3 Ways PPC can help your law firm grow

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ways PPC can help your law firm grow

PPC advertising can help lawyers and law firms in several ways. It allows them to advertise their services directly to people looking for law-related content. Plus, lawyers with well-designed PPC advertising campaigns can save a lot of money on each click’s value if each visit from potential customers exceeds how much the publisher charges per click.

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Two Pay-Per-Click Payment Models

There are two common pay-per-click advertising payment models.

1. Flat-rate model

Lawyers can choose the flat-rate pay-per-click model and pay a fixed price for each click. Plus, the publishers are usually open to negotiating the price. Publishers often offer advertisers lower fixed prices if they agree to a long-term, high-value contract.

2. Bid-based model

When lawyers choose the bid-based model for their pay-per-click ads, they bid on the maximum amount they want to pay for their advertising spot. The publisher selects a winner for the advertising spot based on the quality of the advertising content and how much money each advertiser offers for the advertising spot.

How Pay-Per-Click Advertising Helps Lawyers

Pay-Per-Click campaigns are potent tools lawyers can use to attract clients. The ad can grab the attention of people searching for legal help and anticipate and respond to the search query. Plus, the ads can inspire people to trust the lawyer and the firm.

This can help law firms to grow. A Pay-Per-Click campaign can enhance the law firm’s digital marketing strategy and provide law firms with three essential benefits.

1. Delivering Qualified Client Leads

PPC advertising can help display a law firm’s website at or near the top of search engine results pages. This enables more searchers for legal help to find and click on the website. The searcher will quickly find the legal information they need, and the law firm will connect to many new clients who need legal help. Go here to read about PPC for lawyers.

2. Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

PPC campaigns are not expensive. Advertisers only pay when searchers visit their websites. Advertisers only pay for promising, qualified client leads. Lawyers can use keywords to drive traffic to their websites. A savvy digital marketing company can help lawyers set up an ad campaign to maximize the marketing opportunity cost-effectively.

Before you launch a PPC campaign, take some time to create a list of keywords that would work best for your law firm. In general, keywords like “lawyer” or “attorney” are too broad (and expensive). Instead, consider using long-tail keywords associated with your practice area and location.

These will target people with legal questions in your area and drive them to your website. As you plan your Google Ad, ensure it grabs the searcher’s attention, anticipates and responds to their search query, and inspires a sense of trust in you and your firm. Finally, ensure the Ad makes it easy for the searcher to contact you and receive the necessary answers and services.

3. Control Your Message

PPC gives lawyers and law firms the most control over their messaging and helps them to define their audience. It gives them the ability to provide targeted messaging highlighting what makes their law firm unique and the best choice for clients who need their services. PPC is an excellent method for capturing the attention of potential clients. This can give the law firm an advantage over the competition.

An Effective Marketing Strategy

If your law firm wants a steady and sustainable flow of clients, you can create a PPC marketing campaign. It’s a practical, actionable step you can use to create a more client-focused and SEO-friendly marketing strategy.

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