One of the most important things your business will do is purchase a domain name. This domain name serves as your face to the virtual world. A good domain name is catchy and will drive business to your site just by the sheer charisma that it projects. Having a memorable domain is quite helpful, and there are plenty of ways to go about it. The other thing one must remember about a domain name is a good one will cost money. You have to go through the ICANN system and there are several registrars available to get your domain name registered or broker the sale of a name. Once you find a great domain, it is imperative to get the name purchased and registered.
Purchasing an actual domain is the wise thing to do instead of using the free domains that site host’s like Wix or Weebly offer. The reason is that your business needs to look like a proper business, and just as you should never have an e-mail address with Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook domain in the address, you should not have a domain that uses a site builder’s handle in it as well. When you buy your domain name there are several things you must consider about the name. Your name should, in an ideal world, be the same as your business or something that is not too much of a variation of it – for example, if your name was Mike and you are a plumber, would work beautifully – or be really clever. Going back to the example above, if you were to be clever then is also similarly effective. What isn’t effective? Something like, and it is all because of the hyphen. The good news is you won’t make these mistakes, because the tips provided here will help you buy a domain that will work out beautifully for your business.

3 tips before you buy your first domain name
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Here are some tips for buying the right domain name.

Aim for Top Level Domains

There is a reason that the best businesses have the best domains, and that’s because they’re willing to pay for them. A top-level domain, or TLD, is a .com domain. The reason for this is that most of the internet domains end in .com. Initially, the domain endings were meant to signify the type of business but the reality is .com gained so much credibility so quickly that the domain itself became ubiquitous and today .com doesn’t have any real significance except that as domains go it is really valuable. The way this factors into your calculus is you want a .com domain name because it gives your business credibility, so even if you are just starting out, it makes your business look established.
That said, getting a .com is not as easy as it seems, especially if you are in a business that is loaded with competitors and the name of your business is a bit common. As used earlier, there are probably many Mike’s Plumbing companies, but only one can get the domain. This means if you want to buy the domain, you might have to offer a pretty penny for it. Obviously, it is not wise to sink too much money into the domain, and at some point, there is a law of diminishing returns with a .com name. There are other alternatives, for example, you can use a .org name if you are a non-profit, or if you’re in a specific country, you can use that country’s specific domain such as for the United Kingdom or .ca for Canada. These add to your legitimacy, but a .com is ideal.

Check Out Your Competition

Your competition already has domain names, so it is wise to look up their businesses and see the domain names of their sites, and if your domain name is going to be unique or just more of the same. However, there is more to checking out the competition than just noting their names. You can learn a lot just from a little bit of research about the domain name. This information is actually quite valuable because you can use it to negotiate a price for your desired domain
The place to get this information is When you head to this site, it is really simple – just input the name of a competitor’s domain. Once you do this, you will get information about the domain, when it was sold, and for how much. You can also use other sites to search for domain names based on keywords. This is a solid move because you’ll discover a bunch of different domain ideas without having to really dig too deep into the thinking of the competition. Instead, your insight will be validated without having to dig too deep.

Integrate Domain Names with Social Media Handles

This may be getting ahead of oneself, but the reality is you must use social media to market your business, otherwise, you will be left behind, especially by the young people who set the trends in our world. That said, if you are not integrating your site and your social media, you’re missing out on a cross-branding opportunity. The key is this – when you figure out a site domain, you want to do more than just making sure it is available through the ICANN system. That said, this could eliminate some choices will reinforce the others. This is not a bad thing though.
The reason why your social media matters is this is such an easy way to juice your sales without having to work too hard unless your job is social media. Instead, you’ll register the social media handles so that it makes sense along with your company’s website. It is this type of synergy that makes your business look organized and competent, even if that is far from being true. Find your social media and your domain name with just a quick little search.

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