To make sales as a real estate agent, you need to have an impressive property-marketing tool. With more people using the internet to get services, online marketing is proving to be a more effective marketing tool in real estate. As a realtor, you can show available listing online on your website, video or social media platform. Since real estate requires the visual aspect to attract potential buyers, you should use video as the form of advertisement. Surveys done in this field show that 73% and 64% property sellers or buyers respectively work with real estate agents who use video marketing. Videos are gaining popularity in this industry and sites with videos get 403% property inquires. However, most realtors are missing out on this opportunity to make sales because only a small percentage use video marketing. If you had not considered using video to market your property, then you should because:

1. It is A Better Form of Advertising

Using a video instead of pictures or long articles to advertise properties or homes for sale is highly effective. A video gives a real experience of what you have listed for sale. Viewers can watch the virtual tour and see the amenities and features of the house or apartment. When clients watch a video, they will not be disappointed later on once they see the actual property resembles representation you offered in the ads. When creating this video, make sure you shoot quality footage, explain all the information about the house, and include testimonials from former clients. You can click here to get more insight into video marketing and how to create a video that will attract buyers.


2. Videos Save On Time

House hunting is a time-consuming activity that most people do not have the time for. By using a video to show a property on sale or for rent, you are considering your client’s need for time. All they have to do is watch the virtual tour of the home and assess if it is a suitable option for them. This video saves the time your clients would have used to travel to different house showings. This option also benefits you in that you do not have to spend time showing the property to various clients. Although, you have to make sure the video covers all the details of the property in terms of sizes and feature. Viewers should see all rooms and spaces and get a feel for the flow of the house in a short amount of time.

3. It Improves Your Search Engine Ranking

A large number of tenants and investors prefer searching for property online to visiting real estate offices in their area. Most of them only go through the websites listed on the first result page of search engines like Google. If your website is optimized correctly and you use videos on your site, you have a 57% improved chance to show up on the first results page. This ranking directly results in offers and sales since more home buyers find your property quickly.


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