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Google is about adding another layer of security to Android apps hosted on Play Store. The company is doing this to double-check if any of the apps uploaded are malicious. The new move will see apps on Play Store being scanned by malware-spotting tools from 3 cybersecurity companies.

That means the old way by which Google used to check for malware in apps will still be in play. According to Google, it is going this way because the number of apps being uploaded is becoming too large for it to handle alone.

The three cybersecurity firms to going to help Google are Eset, Lookout, and Zimperium. Together with Google, these firms will be forming what Google has called the App Defense Alliance.

The group will set up a combined scanning system that will scrutinise apps as they pass through Google’s pipeline on the way to being offered to Android users via the Play store. They will be looking for trojans, adware, ransomware, banking malware and phishing attacks.

The scanning system is the newest strategy Google is taking to protect users’ data and apps on Play store.


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