For many, esports is still a relatively new concept and sport even though it has been around for the better part of two decades. It is the fastest-growing sport in the world, and it is poised to take the lead over many of our more favoured sporting events. The growing market comes to the ever-increasing interest in how money can be made through betting, but this presents several challenges within esports. Listed in this article are three problems within esports betting.

1. Regulation

Within regular sports, there has been a century’s worth of infrastructure put into the development of all aspects – including regulation within the betting market in these sports. As esports is still new and developing, the regulation around how the betting market can operate is yet being figured out. There are different challenges to overcome as the entire ‘sporting’ platform is different sports, different types of athletes, different styles of conduct, and overall, an area that is still being figured out.

2. A different audience

Another challenge within esports betting can be found with another kind of audience – traditional sports pull fans from all age groups. Still, the betting market is most attractive to those of age and a disposable income. Primarily, esports attract a much younger audience as many are in their mid to late teens and early twenties, depending on the game. There are ways around the restrictions as these betting sites, and these casinos don’t need KYC verification – or know your customer (requiring age, name, and ID, for example), but this may take advantage of the younger audience who may be inexperienced.

3. Player conduct

Another area to overcome will be that of player conduct – now this is still an issue within some more traditional sports and will likely be an issue as old as time. However, as esports is still going through its sort of teething stage, problems are always arising with matters such as blatant match-fixing. Again while this may be a problem within other sports, it could have further-reaching consequences for esports as it continues to grow and try to define itself within the space.

Although there are these challenges to overcome, it has to be said that esports does have many benefits that allow sbobet within the market to grow as it has.  There is a vast diversity in the number of games played, allowing for an audience to be realised in many different markets. At the same time, the big three are the primary focus for esports fans, and there are also more traditional sports taking place in the virtual world as has been seen through leagues such as the NBA 2K league.

There is still a lot of room to grow here, the industry is still very young compared to the competition, and it is very much taking over – the next step will be continued development within esports infrastructure. Still, growth also shows no signs of stopping as the next big title looking to contend in the growing market is just now arriving.

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