2020: The booming year for new casino slot sites

New Casino Slot Sites

2020 has been a truly unforgettable year for many different reasons. If we consider the success that free online casinos had, then hey, it just so happens that last year wasn’t all bad.
2020 was the year of many unmentionable things, but for the moment, let’s take a look at some of the positive impacts the year had on the world, and specifically let’s look at one particular niche of entertainment.
The realm of free online casinos was booming in 2020 and It’s not hard to imagine why that is. With people locked up in their homes, unable to leave the house for days on end and forbidden to step foot in public places, it’s no wonder that so many people turned to free online casinos and slots sites for a bit of relaxation and escape!
With the ability to transport players to an exciting and colorful world of virtual or real-life prizes, and to give people hope of the possibility to win big, it’s obvious why the online gambling world didn’t suffer the same consequences that real-life brick and mortar casinos did.

Then and now

Gambling from the comfort of your home has been quite popular over the years, but it didn’t always start out that way. When online gambling first stepped on the scene in 1996, it was a bit riddled with technical issues and the technology was nowhere near capable of giving players the experience that they can have in today’s modern age of online gaming.
The differences to be seen between 1996 and 2020 are staggering!
In the United Kingdom alone, out of a total £14.3 billion revenue generated by both the online and offline establishments together, online casinos accounted for about 38.6% or roughly a whopping £5.51 billion! (UKGC) And the options of what devices were capable of supporting such software, was virtually nonexistent.
Today you can find hundreds of games through sites like Freeslots.pw, that can be enjoyed on many different mediums, like desktop, laptop, Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android and tablets! This has also played a role in the popularity that free online casinos and slot sites have with the younger gambling community.

The up and comers

Here’s some interesting numbers: as shown by Statistica, the popularity of gambling habits has seen an increase of 3.1% in the age group of 16 – to 24 -year-old. Compared to 2019 when the percentage of teen online gambling was only 13.8%, we can see that the percentage in 2020 has increased to 16.9%. With numbers like these, the booms of previous years pale in comparison.

The age group most interested in gambling

As has been the case for many years now, people between the ages of 35 and 44 are shown to be more interested in gambling than any other age group. In 2020 it is reported that this age group came in at 29.3% of people have been interested in gambling! This trend could benefit the whole online gambling industry and a younger age group of players would breathe a breath of fresh energy into the usually older populous.


All new slot sites

New is exciting! And with the boom of online gambling in 2020 also came a huge selection of new slots sites, all of which boast games including exciting bonus starting features like free spins and cashback!

An increase in casino fraud

But with all the new sites that came this year, there also came a large number of fraudulent casinos, disguised as reputable sites. One way to steer clear of fraudulent scam sites and protect your personal information and money, is to always be sure to check the credentials of any new site, by staying at the sites listed on Freeslots.pw, as they regulate and check each new site listed.

Final thoughts

2020 took us all for a spin, but it appears that the online casino sites and slot sites did well for themselves! This online gaming and gambling world not only survived 2020, it thrived! When people were searching for an exciting escape, they turned to sites like Freeslots.pw for an all-new yet safe and scam-free experience.
Only time will tell if the popularity of online gambling will remain a constant after land-based casinos eventually reopen. Either way, it’s clear that your favorite or maybe new favorite online gambling site isn’t going anywhere any time soon!



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