The 2019 BECE school placement portal has been opened since Sunday, September 8, 2019. A lot of anxious JHS graduates and their parents/guardians are interested to know what’s next.
This will obviously direct a lot of traffic (website visits) to the CSSPS portal hence causing some server related issues.
In case you are checking your placement and you see error 502 bad gateway, it means that a lot of people are also checking their placement and the system is down as a result of that.
bece placement checker errors
It is not a problem with the eVoucher Code. You will have to wait for a while and then try to check again.
I personally hope our authorities learn to do the right thing in addressing such issues as they are avoided. They should be able to estimate the number of people who are likely to access the portal.
To read about how to check your placement, click here.
I hope this was helpful?

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