If the past decade has proven anything, it is that some gadgets have a brief shelf life. See 2010s gadgets you won’t believe you used:
1. Panasonic Viera VT20 plasma 3D HDTV (2010): 3D televisions were the rave of the moment during this year. Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba all jumped on it, but clunky glasses, eye strain, and a lack of content made customers move on.
2. Microsoft Kinect (2010): This motion-controlled gaming from Microsoft was supposed to be the future, however, the tech was not good enough and the content left a lot to be desired.
3. Amazon Kindle Keyboard (2012): It did its bit in the market. Amid a crowded e-reader market, the Kindle Keyboard was so unique that users preferred to use it to read on their devices.

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