200 Ghanaians to be employed for medical drone delivery project

The upcoming drone deal between Ghana’s government and Ghana Drone Delivery Project will employ some 200 Ghanaians. So says the vice chairman of the Health Committee of Parliament, Dr Ayew Afriyie.

Talking on Starr FM, on Thursday, Dr Afriyie said: “They are going to employ 200 Ghanaian students. They are also going to do it in other African countries and many Ghanaians will be taken there as expatriates.”

Dr Afriyie denied the Minority’s claims that the deal will cost GH₵27 million. He implied the actual cost of the project is the GH₵12 million.

“I’m not sure they can be able to justify that amount they are talking about, I don’t know how they came by that figure”, he stressed.

How medical drone delivery service will operate

The Ghana Health Service is going to run this drone delivery network. It is believed that this project will give Ghana one of the most advanced health care supply chains.

The UAVs will function 24 hours a day. And they will dispatched from 4 distribution centres across the country. The first dispatch is sited near Suhum.
However, the rest are not ready yet. The Health Service is still finalising the other 3 sites. They will cover much of the country, when finalised.

These dispatch centres will be stocked essential medical supplies. The supplies include blood and oxytocin for women’s postpartum blood loss. Other supplies are antivenins, anti-rabies drugs among others.

This project by the Ghana Health Service covers about 2,500 health centres in the country. These health centres will order emergency drone delivery when they are out of stock. The drones are to arrive in 30-40 minutes.

Noteworthy, the drones are only going to deal with emergency stock outs. They won’t replace the existing supply routine.
This innovative healthcare service will help save lives. It will also increase healthcare access to over 14 million people in Ghana.

Zipline, a California-based robotic logistics company, is behind this project. They built the drones and are going to operate the delivery service. In 2016, Zipline launched the world’s first nationwide delivery service in Rwanda. In Rwanda, it has been a success and the government has asked Zipline to multiply its operation there.



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