Recently, the Summer Olympics, in which Nigeria also participated, came to the end… The 1xBet app allows to bet on hundreds of events involving the national team.

The games in Tokyo did not hold much promise for the Olympic team, if talking about the amount of medals. Many local sports fans consider the 74th place of the team to be quite logical, despite the fact that 60 athletes competing in 15 sports went to the capital of Japan.

The national athletes were far from the favorites in most disciplines, which is confirmed by the bookmakers’ odds. However, it is worth mentioning that a significant number of athletes, who obtained the pass for the Olympics, is directly related to the fact that the national teams of this country participated in team sports. For example, in basketball. Unfortunately, the team could not even compete for a place in playoffs, losing all three of their games. However, taking into account their opponents, such as Australia, Italy and Germany, it is possible to say that the team had minimum chances from the very beginning. The result of the women’s team was similar.

The 1xBet application provided a wide diversity of outcomes on thousands of Olympic events, and therefore Nigerian bettors had no problem betting on their national athletes.

Positive emotions with 1xBet Nigeria

Despite the unsuccessful result of the Olympics, there were also some positive moments. Perhaps all users of 1xBet Nigeria got many emotions from the extremely successful performance of the female freestyle wrestler Blessing Oborududu. Despite the fact that this experienced athlete is a real dominatrix on the African continent, having won the title of champion nine times, she didn’t have any special achievements at world championships.

It is quite logical that the bookmakers did not see her as one of the main favorites. However, she arrived to the finals where she could not put up a real fight against Tamyra Mensah from the USA (1:4). In the course of the tournament the following results were obtained:

  1. In the 1/8 the Nigerian beat Manolova of Azerbaijan with the score 13-2.
  2. In the quarterfinal, she had a hard battle against Zhumanazarova of Kyrgyzstan, which ended in a 3-2 victory.
  3. On her way to the final, she defeated also Mongolia’s Soronzonboldyn with the final score of 7-2.

However, this is also the most successful result for the country at these Olympics. Moreover, it is worth mentioning the bronze medal for Ese Brume in the long jump, where she showed one of the best results of her career, namely 6.97m.

As a result, 1xBet in Nigeria is not only suitable for betting on major European football leagues, but also on world championships. Local players deserve attention, as evidenced by the won medals.

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