With technology advancing with the speed of light, it’s inevitable that we ask ourselves – which will be the breakthrough technologies that 2017 will bring forward? Here are 15 noteworthy examples of what we have to look forward to.
Google began their self-driving cars project back in 2009, but now other key players, such as Volvo, are investing in the test runs of self-driving trucks. This groundbreaking opportunity will significantly cut down the expenses in terms of the environmental and economic scale.
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality aren’t new on the market, but they are set to score some glamorous goals in 2017. For example, Facebook’s famous acquisition of Oculus means Zuckerberg and company will insert VR in social media, while Apple is expected to use the AR trend in their iPhone 8 cameras.
Cognitive computing, a.k.a. artificial intelligence, marks a peak in the evolution of present-day computing. Scientists are getting closer and closer to achieving the perfect AI, with various prototypes already being available on the market, with the most popular ones being AI home robots.
Genetic biotherapy experiments have been carried out for decades, mostly unsuccessfully, but now scientists believe that they are close to solving the genetic riddles, which will allow them to alter our genes and to fix a vast variety of health related problems, such as skin disorders, cancers and liver diseases. The breakthrough technology lies in the fact that they need to find a way to successfully alter the malfunctions in the faulty genes, which are causing the diseases.
Solar panels have been around for quite a while, but the new, groundbreaking devices called solar thermophotovoltaics are actually transforming the absorbed sunlight into heat before converting the heat back to light in order to double the levels of efficiency of the standard solar panel. This type of technology is predicted to be available on the market in the upcoming 10-15 years.
High-tech 360-degree smart cameras operated through smartphones, computers and tablets are now available on the market. Kodak, Samsung, Ricoh, 360Fly and other manufacturers are selling these breakthrough technologies right now.
Google, Microsoft, Intel, IBM and other tech moguls are funding the manufacturing of quantum computers as we speak. While quantum computing has been a scientific dream for some time now, scientists are actually building and testing prototypes in 2017 with the promise that the currently projected availability of such computers will be within our reach as early as in 4-5 years.
The breakthrough technology of facial-recognition as a payment option is now available in China. The idea of making this type of technology secure and safe for financial transactions is indeed a feather in our cap. Moreover, contactless smart card manufacturers are working on new ways to improve the security and to bring us safer contactless technology in 2017.
Among the 15 breakthrough technologies progressing in 2017 are the paralysis-reversing brain implants. Neuroscientists have projected that their successful studies on the subject will give us the ability to reverse the effects on the nervous system causing paralysis in the human body with the help of brain implants, which are set to become available in the upcoming 10-15 years.
There are a plethora of cryptocurrency options nowadays, but what’s truly eminent is the fact that you can now use this technology to pay for real life goods. Bitcoin, Litecoin and other types of cryptocurrencies can pay for your college tuition fees. MIT, the University of Nicosia, ESMT, and NYC’s King’s College are just some of the schools, which are accepting cryptocurrency as a real payment for tuition fees in 2017.
The idea of smarthome technology has been around for quite a while, but now that moguls like Amazon and Google are in the mix, we’re getting closer to experiencing the revolution of the thorough interconnection between all pieces of technology in our homes, and not just single appliances.
OLED screens have been used in TV and phone prototypes in the past couple of years, and yet Samsung is allegedly the only mogul expected to show off a foldable smartphone as an example of this type of breakthrough technology in 2017.
A number of companies are working on hi-tech ways to bring forward synthetic food items in 2017, which taste more like the real thing and less like an unappetizing synthesis. Such advanced technology could possibly give us the key to solving the issue with global hunger.
The advance of the 3D printing technology is remarkable, yet consumer-grade 3D printers are still quite expensive. Manufacturers will reportedly present us with lower prices in 2017, such as the $99 101Hero printer or the $149 PocketMaker printer.
Outer-space flights have been carried out with scientific purposes for decades. What’s truly groundbreaking, however, is the fact that the first commercial outer-space flight will be carried out in 2017 by the so-called Moon Express. It will be the very first commercial space mission, which has already been approved for Moon landing in late 2017.

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