JBKlutse.com have presented below the best lifestyle blogs in Singapore to aid improve your lifestyle. If you are looking for a collaboration or product launch, then do keep them on your list. Singapore is a modern country and Singaporeans are always looking for ways to improve their lifestyles. Lifestyle is a key component of life and everyone dreams of a perfect lifestyle with an equal blend of family and work time. People also wish for travelling, beauty products, household items, etc. to increase their living standards. Although, you will find life standards quite high in Singapore, yet people aim to improve them. And lifestyle bloggers are always there to help you with that cause. These lifestyle bloggers not only offer you enchanting content but also their response speed is super fast.

1. GirlEatWorld

15 Best lifestyle Blogs in Singapore 2022

Here comes another beautiful lifestyle blogger who is a foodie as well and loves to travel and enjoy life. Her Instagram is all about the delicacies of food, travel, tips and life experiences. Melissa has travelled to dozens of countries and she posts all about her amazing travel experiences. She covers everything from local cuisines, places, festivals and travel guides.


2. EatWhatTonight

15 Best lifestyle Blogs in Singapore 2022

We the Best in Singapore have shortlisted another amazing lifestyle blog for all you out there. The author has reviewed different dishes offered in the country along with other areas of lifestyle. These include travel and movie reviews. The unbiased movie reviews will help the readers to shortlist the movies to be watched in leisure time with friends and family members. In addition to this, the travel blog is also helpful in getting updated regarding the latest offerings on travel in the county.


3. The Wacky Duo

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The Wacky Duo is not your typical parenting lifestyle blog purely dedicated to family life and parenting. A unique website in Singapore, this blog features articles and posts that bring a fresh perspective to various topics. This blog is co-shared by family members providing unique content to its followers. The Wacky Family is a cool Singaporean family that covers a wide range of topics in their blog.

You will find cool cooking recipes, restaurant reviews, travelling, and much more fun-filled topics in these blogs. The blog also consists of tech reviews of different phones, video games, cameras, toys, etc. So, the Wacky Duo is a family blog uploading unique content for its followers.


4. oo-foodielicious

15 Best lifestyle Blogs in Singapore 2022Pin

Looking for some cool and “food delicious” content in lifestyle blogging? oo-food delicious is your go-to destination due to its cool and enchanting content. In the first view, it seems that it is just another food page but going through the content, you will notice that it is a unique lifestyle blog that covers a wide range of topics from food, travel, lifestyle, festivities and much more.

Moreover, the website also features food recipes and travel tips from different countries. So, if you are looking for a versatile lifestyle blog, this is surely the one you need to follow. Being a food lover, traveller, or a cool content lover, you will surely find oo-food delicious worth your time.


5. Mitsueki

image 35Pin

Many people like lifestyle blogs covering a wide range of topics. If you are one of them, then Mitsuki is one lifestyle blogger who covers topics such as fashion, food, travel, clothing, and anything random in her life. Making people happy is the basic purpose of her blogs and she shares many instances from her life that made certain events less enjoyable. Mitsuki urges her followers to avoid such mistakes to lead a beautiful lifestyle. Despite posting frequently about travelling and other superficial things, the best part is that she never endorses these things to the reader. She regards such activities as part-time fun, that can never make you happy for a lifetime. So, if you are a deep thinker and want to learn something good about life and lifestyle, do follow the blogs of Mitsuki.


6. Darren Bloggie

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We the Best in Singapore have shortlisted a versatile lifestyle blogger for you all who provides insight on travelling, entertainment, beauty, and fashion. Darren realizes that everyone cannot travel abroad for spending vacations and if you are one of them, then he has posted fun staycation ideas. Reading these ideas will help you spend valuable time with friends and family. Furthermore, the readers also find the technology blogs really useful as Danny reviews different products in these blogs. You will also find out innovative ways to increase your living standard.


7. Chubby Botak Koala

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Chubby Botak Koala might seem like a regular food blog to you but believe us it offers much more to you. You will find exciting restaurant reviews, dishes reviews, and new eateries to try in Singapore. In addition to this, the author also focuses on improving the lifestyle of the readers and has posted various lifestyle blogs on the blogsite. The readers also appreciate the efforts made by the author in writing travel blogs for their readers. These travel blogs are mainly focused on the offerings of Singapore to the locals and international tourists.



8.Life’s Tiny Miracles


Life’s Tiny Miracles is all about living in the moment and making memories by enjoying every little moment. This blog is an award-winning lifestyle and parenting blog. Angie has suffered and experienced the dark side of life and she knows the importance of every single moment. She writes about family, parenting, friendship, travel, food, faith and much more. In the midst of a busy and tiring life, it is important to count your blessings. This blog will give you a totally different perspective of life. You will surely enjoy the amazing content and blogs.


9. Tiffany Yong

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Many of you would already know Tiffany Young due to her acting skills in different plays and dramas on television. But very few Singaporeans know about her lifestyle blogs. She is a high-profile blogger who is known globally as well for her content quality and unbiased reviews. You will find movie reviews, brand reviews and beauty product reviews in her blogs. In addition to this, this flawless actress also writes finance blogs that cover the issues faced by Singaporeans in their daily day dealings.


10. 365 Days 2 Play 

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365 Days 2 Play as the name indicates is a lifestyle blog especially focusing on family activities. The blogger has reviewed a number of famous restaurants, cafes and hotels in Singapore, so you can easily select the best out of them for an ultimate family time experience. In addition to this, the author has also shortlisted many fun activities that are a must-try with the family members. For all the new parents out there, ‘365 Days 2 Play’ also offers valuable advice to bring up your children to meet the needs of modern society.


11. The Food Chapter

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The Food Chapter is a lifestyle blog that reviews various eateries in Singapore. You can find out authentic and unique restaurant reviews along with the fastest delivery restaurants in the blogs. So, this blog has a lot to offer to all the foodies out there. But hang on if you are not a foodie because we have also reviewed the travel and lifestyle blogs of ‘The Food Chapter’ and they are no less enchanting.


12. The Dead Cockroach


The funky name ‘The Dead Cockroach’ but fancy is their content. This is an amazing lifestyle blog covering different topics including food, travel, and advertorials. If you are specifically looking for authentic ‘Halal Food’ reviews, then do visit this site as the blogs feature different halal food offerings in Singapore. In addition to this, the blogs cover the topics such as places to visit in Singapore for youth as well as for the family. Reading these blogs will surely enchant you and you will learn a lot about Singapore and its offerings.


13. An Affair with Food

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An affair with food is an exciting lifestyle blog that is mainly focused on the cuisines offered in Singapore. The readers will also find entertaining blogs regarding garnishing and cooking new dishes that will enhance the eating experience of your family. The author has also targeted the wedding planning and wedding lifestyle that can help the readers to plan an economical and great event. Readers also appreciate the travel and home blogs on the blog site.


14. Tracy Wong

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If you are looking for some adventurous blogs, then Tracy Wong has a lot to offer to you. She has been writing publicly for over a decade now. Her blog was a finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2015 and has been featured in other media too. She is a beauty and lifestyle blogger who has been writing for the last 11 years and her blogs have been the finalist of many blogging events in Singapore.

Her blogs cover a wide range of topics including lifestyle, health, beauty, physical fitness, and travelling. But the highlight of her blogs is the beauty product reviews that make it easy for Singaporeans to buy beauty products according to their skin type. All the blogs are focused on improving your lifestyle and by reading the blogs, you will realize that the blogs are written for a common man as they don’t feature any fancy terms. Go through her blogs and follow her for exciting blogs that could be helpful in improving your lifestyle.


15. Simply Mommie

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Being a parent is one of the best parts of life but the challenges of parenting are immense and not everyone can meet those challenges effectively. To help you out and improve your lifestyle through better parenting, Angie has taken responsibility. Reading the title of the lifestyle blog already depicts a positive image, and the content on the website and social media account will make you realize that you are at the right spot.

Apart from sharing her experience being a mother, Angie has written blogs on various mother care items reviewing them and suggesting the best for your baby within a restricted budget. Clothing, food items, and the latest fashion trends are also covered in blogs under the title of ‘Simple Mommie’.

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