14 Ways Your Ex Still Has Control over Your Life

ex control your life

Even after coming a long way from a relationship, the ghost of its existence haunts us for a long time. To be sure that your past relationships are still not haunting you and you are over them, you have to know about the ways your ex-relationship and ex-partner can control your life.

  1. Their Words Shape Your Actions:

We know that we held them close to us at some point in life and listened to everything they said with sharp ears because their opinions mattered. Their opinions of us, especially the bad ones, might keep a steady hand on us even after they are gone, even after their opinions stopped to make any difference.

  1. You Sneak Out:

You quietly sneak out, secretly forgiving yourself, to talk to him or her. You have that little wish buried somewhere inside your head to get just one chance to have a conversation with them for the sake of the past. You never completely shut them out which is not very ideal.

  1. You Idealize Them:

Your friends are still not spared of listening to your praises of them. “He/she was so perfect; they were so good at it.” The right way to move on is to eradicate the idea of them and their perfection, however true, once and for all. Dwelling has never helped and never will.

  1. The Undying Love:

This is commonly how people let their past relationships and partners control their lives and you might too by never stopping to love them. It is okay to not be able to ‘unlove’ somebody and it might not even be possible but for whatever reason the relationship ended, you have got to respect that.– Continue reading on the next page

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