Are you having trouble coming up with new material for your Instagram account? This is a feeling that every creator has experienced. It’s known as “creator’s block,” and it usually occurs when there’s a lot of pressure to produce high-quality content.

It is essential to learn how to spot a case of writer’s block and how to get beyond it quickly. Exploring fresh ideas for creativity is one technique to overcome a creative barrier. To assist you in getting started, we’ve compiled a list of the top content ideas to overcome creative block. 

13 Content Ideas to Overcome Creative Block

1. Lifestyle Photographs

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Source: Unsplash

Lifestyle photographs can highlight how your brand can be applied in the actual world. To be more particular, rather than sharing images of your products on a store shelf, you can post a picture of your product outside.

If you’re selling shampoos, for example, a photo of your product in the shower or bathroom would be ideal.

Consider your target market and the characteristics of your ideal client. Now consider how your product can improve their life. Consider the problem your product solves as well as the lifestyle they lead, and then upload photographs that will encourage your potential customers to buy your stuff.

2. Influencer Posts

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Influencer marketing has grown from a niche marketing strategy to a $5-$10 billion industry in the last few years. Given the statistics, it’s no surprise that so many businesses use Instagram influencers to raise brand exposure, reach more customers, and increase sales.

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Collaboration with influencers is a terrific way to not only advertise your brand, but it may also help you overcome creator’s block.

3. Post Behind the Scenes

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People enjoy seeing how your business operates on a daily basis, and Instagram is a great platform to do it.

Show your workforce or other people participating in your company, your workplace, environment, and product development stages to humanize your brand and demonstrate to potential buyers that there are actual people behind the brand.

4. Live Streaming

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Another wonderful technique to get rid of your creator’s block is to live stream on Instagram. Instagram users were initially introduced to the live stream feature in 2016. Since then, the feature has been used by innumerable influencers, creators, and entertainers to keep in touch with their IG followers and generate authentic live content.

You may also use a variety of live video tools to make your videos more entertaining. Instagram lets users broadcast live videos to a group of people. You may, for example, go live alongside other industry experts or influencers. In the comment box, you can also see what your audience has to say.  This feature may be used to convert your live stream into a Q&A session!

5. Demonstrate How Your Product Is Unique

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Source: Pinterest

You don’t have to use product images created in a studio with good lighting. Rather, use Instagram to show your fans how to use your product in a unique way. Have you seen the Nutella ad that shows the Nutella jar listening to music? It shows how eating Nutella is compared to the soothing vibes of listening to music. 

Show your audience how to utilize your product in unique ways by being a little imaginative. You can also offer some amazing ideas with your followers by using images taken by customers.

6. Material Confirmation

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Source: Pinterest

Posting material confirmation of your product’s excellence is another technique to overcome your writer’s block. It highlights your items’ top characteristics and traits.

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Taking photos of your products in a flat lay arrangement is one of the greatest methods to exhibit them. You’ll have to choose a plain neutral background for your photo to accomplish this.

When you photograph from above, you get the nicest flat lay images. To get the correct angle for your image, a stool will come in handy.

7. Tell a Story

Source: Pinterest

You may have a fantastic picture or video to share, but have you considered the story you want to tell with it? A clever tale or caption may sometimes convert a boring image into something crazy-interesting.

Posting material on Instagram where the story leads the photograph from time to time is a terrific idea. All you have to do now is explain to your audience why this photograph is significant and why you chose to share it.

8. Promotional Sales

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Instagram is a good place to promote sales, discounts, and offers to your followers. Just make sure your notification is accompanied by a visually appealing image.

9. Ask a Question

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One of the most effective strategies to increase the number of comments under a photo on Instagram is to ask a question. This way, Instagram will recognize that your material is engaging, and you’ll have a chance to be included on the Explore page, where your post will be seen by a large number of people.

This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your skills or obtain feedback on your product. It may also assist you in getting to know your audience and forming an active community.

10. Text-Based Content And Quotes

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There are times in our lives when we need motivation and inspiration to keep going. With your Instagram photographs, you may provide this inspiration to your followers. Text-based graphics and phrases are a great method to rapidly captivate your audience.

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11. Share Holiday Pictures

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Source: Unsplash

You can post a festive photo with your products for holidays like Easter, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, and Halloween. You can also provide a discount during this holiday season, such as 14% off for Valentine’s Week.

12. Tutorials and Guides

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Another wonderful technique to get rid of your writer’s block is to create how-to guides and tutorials. DIY instructions and guides are among the most prominent and engaging forms of content on the platform.

Ensure your tutorial topic is relevant to both your brand and your target audience. If your company sells cosmetics, for example, sharing a makeup tutorial is a good idea. If you operate in retail, you may also publish a video guide that shows your followers how to put different outfits from your latest line together. The basic line is that your guide should be informative and entertaining to watch.

13. Make a Stop-Motion Animation

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Source: Unsplash

Stop motion video has recently become a popular trend. Instead of chronicling time as it passes, you should take a series of images and “pause” between each one to shift the things about as you see fit. 

Wrapping Up

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Source: Pinterest

What is the key to your company’s success? Instagram users are interested in learning more about your brand’s secret ingredient and other behind-the-scenes information. So, if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for your product’s Instagram account, why not go within your company for inspiration?

Demonstrate your brand’s legitimacy to your Instagram followers. Share product-related anecdotes and clips, as well as videos demonstrating the production processes. Introduce your staff to the people that follow you on social media. Make your information entertaining as well as educational. You’ll be able to form stronger bonds between your business and your Instagram audience this way!


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