From car lots and auto repair centers to hotels and coffee shops, digital signage gets attention. Just think about your own life and the things you do every day; those bright digital signage solutions grab your attention, and the same is true of your customers. 
When you are ready to implement your own digital signage network, you will find plenty of packages to choose from. Those software packages come from many different vendors, and they offer everything from user-friendly phone apps to full desktop solutions, but what they all have in common is they claim to be the best. 
So how can you sort out the signal from the noise? How do you know which system is truly the best, and which player is making promises they can never keep? Here are 12 key things to look for when choosing digital signage software for your business. 

  1. Scalability  

You want software and apps that can grow with your company, and scalability is a must-have for any digital signage solution. 

  1. The latest security

With data breaches reaching epidemic proportions, top-notch security has never been more important. You should accept nothing less in the digital signage software you choose. 

  1. Proof of play capability

You want to make sure your software is working, so proof of play is an essential element. 

  1. Remote monitoring

Keeping tabs on your digital signage software is important, so look for solutions that allow you to monitor their performance on the go. 

  1. Automated delivery and scheduling

Timing your digital signage solutions right is vital, so look for a software package that allows you to automate your content delivery and schedule your messages. 

  1. Integration of data feeds 

Over time, you will want to ramp up your digital signage efforts, so look for software that allows you to build your own data feeds and integrate with existing solutions. 

  1. Caching 

The ability to cache your content items in the memory of your digital signage hardware for later delivery is a must-have feature, one that can preserve your precious bandwidth and boost the productivity of your marketing staff. 

  1. Content targeting 

Targeted marketing is a big part of success in the internet age, so look for digital signage software that allows you to target your content based on the demographics and needs of the audience. 

  1. Interactivity 

The best digital signage solutions have interactive features, providing customers with a more immersive experience. Look for software that includes support for interactive use. 

  1. Support for emergency messaging 

When disaster strikes, your digital signage software can be a lifeline, not only for your customers but for the community at large. Look for software that includes this emergency communication capability.

  1. Programmatic sales support 

You want your digital signage software to support and complement your other marketing efforts, so look for integration with programmatic sales. 

  1. CRM integration 

Hopefully, you already have a robust customer relationship management (CRM) solution in place, and if so, you will want your digital signage software to work well with that CRM. 
No matter what kind of business you own or what type of marketing strategy you are pursuing, LOOK DS is the best choice for all your digital signage needs. Businesses have a lot of choices for their marketing budgets, and the experts at LOOK DS can help those firms maximize their advertising dollars, build better brands and boost their profits in the process. 
The world has gone digital in a big way, and these days young and old alike are spending more time staring at their screens. From the smartphones in their pockets to the computers on their desks, modern consumers have grown used to software solutions for every part of their lives. 
As a business owner, you can play a part in the internet revolution, serving your customers with digital signage solutions that make their lives easier, eliminate pain points and speed the purchasing process. With the right software and apps in place, your customers will enjoy a better overall experience, and that will be good news for your business, your brand and your bottom line. 


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