Did you purchase your custom canopy tent recently? Confused about its setup process? No need to worry, as this article is your guide to setting up a 10×10 custom canopy tent in a few simple steps.

Where Do People Use These Tents?

These tents are very popular for throwing parties, fairs, gatherings, showers, or other events; suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. You can even order a custom-designed canopy tent, depending on your personal taste. If you are throwing a company party, you can order to digitally print the company logo on it.

Owner of a small food business or have a stall on the side of a road? These canopy tents are perfect for you. There are graphic artists available who can help you select the best designs to add that additional” wow” factor to the tent’s overall look.

Signleader Display is a well-known company that deals in printing custom products. If you’re looking into purchasing a 10×10 custom tent, visit our website and design your very own tent.

Setting Up a 10×10 Custom Canopy Tent

A custom tent will come in a bag with stakes on the side or usually on the back.

Step 1: Protect Your Custom Canopy Tent

Before starting the whole process, you need to make sure there is a barrier between the tent and the ground. Put a plastic sheet or anything that would protect your custom canopy tent from getting any moisture. Especially if you’re setting up the tent in a muddy or grassy area, protect the tent from getting dirty.

Step 2: Have A Few People for a Helping Hand

Once you have your tent out of the bag, what you want to do is have two to three people for the setup. You will properly need to cooperate with the others helping. The people standing on opposite sides will grab the poles and pull them out.

Step 3: Raise the Tent

Pull out and open as much as you can, and then you’ll come to the corners and raise it up. Then go to the opposite side and raise it up from that area as well. Come back to the corners and pull the custom canopy tent more out.

Step 4: Push Lock

Once the custom canopy tent is fully open, you want to push-lock all four corners until the pin locks in. Perform this step carefully on each side to ensure the safety of the tent.

Step 5: Weigh the Tent Down

If your 10*10 canopy tent is placed on concrete pavement, use sandbags to weigh it down. If it’s placed on grass, use the tent stakes to stake it down at the four legs.

Step 6: Closing Up the Tent

Take the pins out of the four corners and then lower the legs. Grab the same spot you used initially to pull the tent out and push it close. Have one person holding the tent while the other guy puts the bag on top to cover it.


I hope this article helps you in setting up your custom canopy tent. It’s not that hard; with the right people and the right coordination, the tent will get set up in no time.

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