Meat is a great source of protein. This highly versatile food has long been used by cultures everywhere. If you are looking to bring meat with you as you travel or if you have lots of meat on hand, you’ll want to preserve it properly. These simple tips make that goal easier to attain. These methods provide meat that is fresh and full of great flavor with every single bite.

Root Cellars

Root cellars are the parts of the home that are generally located underground. People have been taking advantage of the differences in temperatures between the ground the air for a long time. You can do the same. Bring the meat to the root cellar after you’ve prepared it for preservation. The colder weather acts as a natural preservative.

Drying It

Another way to keep meat delicious over time is to dry it completely. Drying meat takes many forms. People today often eat beef jerky as a snack. Beef jerky is known to be a deeply satisfying break during the day, allowing people to snack on something that will keep them full. You can make your own homemade, delightful version to suit your own personal taste when you dry meat.


Removing the liquid from the meat makes it last much longer. This form of preservation can be done in many ways. People who have a dehydrator at home can take full advantage of it. Removing the liquid this way is one way to concentrate the flavor of the meat. Use it to flavor stews and add extra layers of luscious taste.

Freezing Your Protein

Freezers are a commonly available item in many homes. If you do a lot of hunting, a butcher Brisbane can prepare the meat you’ve hunted and divide into sizes that are appropriate for the freezer. Make sure you have good freezer bags on hand before you begin. They’ll make it easier to lock out moisture and keep the meat fresh even when it’s been in the freezer for weeks.

Fermenting It

Fermenting meat works just like fermenting other items. The fermentation process can be used on many types of meat. Varied types of wine and alcohol will yield different types of results depending on many factors. Make sure you have enough on hand to begin the process. You can always add more liquid later on.

Salting The Food

Salt is an ancient substance. People need salt to live. In the past, people have used salt to keep meat on hand when they have too much of it. Using salt to cure meat today can enliven the flavor of the meat and make it appealing. A salt crust is not only easy to use at home. It’s also one way to bring in gourmet flavor and make the most of the delicate texture of the flesh.

Smoking Meat

Smoking is another ancient method that remains popular today. You can construct a small smokehouse at home or make use of local facilities to get the same results. Different kinds of wood such as hickory or maple will add a different result. Experiment and find the one you like best.

Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker makes it easy to apply pressure and remove moisture from the meat. Meat that has been made using a pressure cooker not only tends to preserve well. As people have discovered, it also leads to tender food that falls off the bone.

Vinegar and Spices

Take your favorite spices and make the most of them. Spiced meat with vinegar is one secret cooks around the world know well. They understand how to take peppercorns, mace and other savory spices and create meat that has a wonderful character even after many days. Submerse the meat in vinegar and sugar to keep it longer and add contrast.

Larding Meat

Lard is fat. Larding is a procedure where people take large slabs of fat and layer it in between the layers of meat. The lard acts as a preservative and protects it from the open air at the same time. Larding is an easy method that requires only the lard on hand. Many people make use of it today as others have done over time.


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