Let’s face this- there is nobody who does not want to keep a check on their electricity bills. But the reality is these bills always come with a surprise. Every time we have them in our hands, they make us wonder whether there are any ways we can bring them down.
If you are also one of those individuals looking to save some greens while going green, you must consider the factors that will help you do this. One idea that has always worked for people in this category is manipulating things within their homes for achieving ideal temperature.
But succumbing to this temptation is not always wise! Being mindful of some essential tips that can help you lower your electricity bill is necessary. Fight back with the factors to consider below and bring down your energy bills:

1. Get Rid of the Energy Drainers

Ready to make significant savings? Before even understanding the different electricity rates, such as, Philadelphia Electricity Rates, New York electricity rates, or New Jersey Electricity Rates, you need to understand which appliances are the biggest energy drainers. These will account for the significant part of your energy bill.
Cooling and heating use approximately half of the electricity in a home while dryers, washers, and water heaters account for one-fourth of the total energy usage.
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The smaller appliances like electric ovens, refrigerators, TVs, and DVDs use a lower portion of the total energy. It’s just next to impossible to stop using these things. But you can use them in moderation to cut back on electric usage.

2. Go for Smart Switches

Now, when it comes to saving electricity rates, choose smarter switches. These can help you save a lot of dollars every year. You can opt for wireless switches or the ones installed in junction boxes.
You even have the option of buying light fixtures featuring in-built motion sensors. Besides, you can use timers for controlling bath fans. But make sure the timer you are going for is duly rated for the motors and not just for the lighting.

3. Extra Insulation for the Home

The comfort factor within a home or any other space is threatened during the bitter cold season. Poor insulation might be one of the most important reasons behind this. For the uninitiated, insulation is a kind of protection enabling a particular space to maintain its temperature.
Since insulation has a vital role in maintaining heat during the winter months and cold during the summer months, it automatically helps in saving energy. Hence, it works to check the home insulation, starting from the pipes to the walls for reducing the need for heat or cold according to the seasons.

4. Use Laundry Racks In Place of Dryers

It works to ditch the dryer. This is one way of saving green while going green. Most Americans consider dryers to be a necessity. But this mindset has become dated now.
People are now aware of the extra energy usage involved in running a dryer. Using laundry racks in place of dryers not only brings down energy bills and saves curb emissions but even helps the clothes last longer.

5. Keep the Refrigerator Full

Many users are well aware that they should not keep the refrigerator door open for a very long time as the freezer might use more energy for reconditioning air. But they do not know that keeping the refrigerator full can cut the energy bills short.
Well, the drinks and food you stuff into the freezer serve as insulation keeping the appliance from working hard to keep things cool. That’s a good amount of energy saved!


6. Watch Out the Lights

A good amount of your average energy bill is made up of the lighting you use in your property. Hence, it will be the right decision for you to change the lights by going for CFLs or Compact Fluorescent Lights to save energy usage.
Obviously, they are a bit more expensive than regular fixtures, but they last for a long time and will even help you save a lot of money. But make sure to choose the right bulb for the right task.
Remember, three-way sockets, special shapes, and dimmer switches need particular varieties of CFLs. You can even go for LED bulbs that are twice as expensive as the CFLs but last longer and use very little energy.

7. Go Solar

Going solar will help you in saving big on your electricity bills. Using self-generated solar electricity can help individuals avoid buying energy from retailers.
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In addition to this, solar heating systems further help in avoiding the gas charges that are often associated with gas-fired water heaters.

8. Servicing the Air Conditioner Regularly Is Important

If you want to control your energy bill, then you must consider servicing the air conditioner in your facility at regular intervals.
Basic maintenance like straightening and cleaning the fins, lubricating the motor, and changing the filter will help the AC run at optimum efficiency.

9. Use Appliances Strategically

Not just the refrigerator, but all the other appliances within a space should be used strategically to bring down the energy costs. Everything, starting from the laundry machines to the dishwasher, can be effectively gamed for reducing energy expenditures.

10. Switch Off Appliances and Lights When Not Being Used

Now, this is something that the majority of people do not follow! They forget to switch off the lights when no one is in the room. Now, we have to change it.
Switching off appliances when not being used can work wonders for your electricity bills. Unplug the mobile charger when not required.
Even the computers, Wi-Fi routers, and printers should be switched off overnight to make things work as far as energy savings are concerned.

The Takeaway

Simply by implementing the ten tips mentioned above, you can save big on your electricity bill. Try starting with the easier ones first and then work your way towards the more detailed tips.
Do not expect to reduce the electricity bill at once. The amount will start to go down gradually as you go implementing these tips!


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