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Things to say to your partner

For those of you who are habitual of using this phrase quite frequently, where it doesn’t lose meaning, it doesn’t have the same effect either. Even though there’s nothing wrong with it, it’d be great to mix it up a bit. Maybe tell them what you especially love about them. It’d show that you’ve actually made an effort rather than just saying ‘I love you’ out of routine. It could also prove to be stimulating for both of you.

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So here are a few things you could say to surprise them instead of simply saying ‘I love you’:

1. You’re hot!

You admire the way they look, but don’t seem to mention that as often or don’t compliment them as much either. So it’d be a good idea to tell them that instead of the so-often-used phrase. It’s a good thing to remind them that you find them attractive. You don’t just look good, you look absolutely amazing and I can’t seem to take my eyes off you translates more or less into you’re so effing hot! (Not just hot, superlative degree of hot!).

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