startups watch Nigeria in 2019

Nigerian business minds are currently launching startups that will tackle everyday social and economic issues in the country.

And as we know, businesses existing in Nigeria will definitely face their own challenges, however, these enterprises have proven that they can withstand every problem the nation will throw at them.

Find out more about them in our list of 10 startups to watch in Nigeria in 2019:

1. PiggyVest

They focus on Savings and Financial intelligence for our generation. Its community is growing with close to two hundred thousand registered customers and more than one billion savings every month. It is regarded as a force to reckon with when it comes to Fintech in Nigeria. PiggyVest is looking at including additional features to ensure the platform is more robust and able to gather more audience in Africa and even all across the globe.

2. Paystack

This company currently processes almost fifteen percent of every online payment in Nigeria. It powers lots of businesses in several industries. Industries like telecommunication, airlines and government agencies. In 2019, Paystack is hoping to widen its payment structure to aid its expansion all over Africa.

3. Thrive Agric


Since 2 years ago, Thrive Agric have aided over four thousand farmers and struggling producers by financing them and connecting them with patronizers when it is time to sell. It recently partook at the tech accelerator programme of the Silicon Valley firm. Their current aim is to spread its tent to other African nations.


This is a digital credit platform. It was founded by Ekechi Nwokah and Kunle Olukotun. The company is working on its expansion in Africa and even to South America and South Asia. Mine is also trying to collaborate with credit institutions to improve financial access all across the globe.

5. Riby

After its launch in Naija, Riby is planning an expansion to other African nations before mid-2020. The Nigerian company is aiming to boost its patronizers from its present 10,000 users to over five hundred users in years to come.

6. LifeBank

This company has an objective to decrease the mortality rate in Nigeria due to restricted oxygen availability by enhancing oxygen accessibility in clinics via Airbank. LifeBank ensures humans losing their lives because of hypoxaemia is a thing of the past. Last year, Life Bank won MIT Solve Global Challenge in the health category. The company is looking to take this to more African countries asap.

7.  Kobo360

Their aim is to come up with a worldwide logistics OS by improving its platform and expanding to other African nations like Ghana, Togo and Ivory Coast. By so doing, it hopes to increase its presence in Naija and launch about one hundred hubs before 2020.

8. Estate Intel

This company focuses on offering data for real estate in Naija by developing an app for market partakers. It is all about eradicating the problems in the real estate sector. Dolapo Omidire MRICS founded it and the main reason it exists is to be Africa’s biggest commercial property database.

9. Mobile Forms Africa

Known for its zeal to transform data usage for local companies in Nigeria, they plan to keep up the good work and ensure customers never have a reason to complain. Its founders are Damilola Ayorinde and Oluwatomi Ayorinde. They concentrate on intelligent data collection.

10. Allpro

This company is hoping to wipe out funding problems having a negative effect on education in Nigeria. To achieve this, they offer money via access to a loan. It is basically a lending platform for anything related to education in the country. In 2019, Allpro is not planning to relent its effort, instead, it hopes to do even before to exceed expectations.

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