As a student seeking academic assistance, you might become interested: what is the point in paying for a paper if you can download one for free from an essay bank? Or, why you should pay for custom assistance almost twice as much as you would pay a fellow student to complete your assignment?
We have completed this list of 10 arguments in favour of highly-skilled essay writers to make sure you don’t get into the trap of cheap academic assistance services that offer papers of poor quality. So, why should you pay more sometimes?

1. To be sure your paper is of a high quality

Good professionals know how much they have to be paid. You won’t find a great expert ready to work for nothing. This is why a below-average price is often a sign of the poor quality of service, be it food in restaurants, a dentist’s service, or academic writing.

2. To be sure your paper is delivered on time

Great writers understand that students ask for help because they don’t have enough time to complete some assignments by themselves. This is why professionals are not only good at writing but also pay attention to the deadlines customers put.

3.   To be sure your paper won’t be published online after you pay for it

This is also one of the reasons why you should order from a company rather than from a random freelancer. Read the terms and conditions to make sure the academic assistance company of your choice doesn’t use pre-written papers for new clients and doesn’t store assignments it has completed to sell it to other customers.

4. To make sure you will get what you’ve ordered

High-quality academic assistance services have order forms that you’re required to fill in. The only problem is that sometimes the instructions a client enters are not followed. To make sure the company you decide to work with writes papers from scratch, check out if it gives a guarantee that your assignment will be completed in accordance with your requirements. As a rule, such a guarantee is called “an authenticity guarantee.”

5. To be sure you won’t have troubles

Hire only trustworthy assistants able to provide you with a confidentiality guarantee. Even if you use academic help just as an example of how your own assignment should look like and you’re not going to turn in a paper, written by a professional expert, you will never prove it to your teacher. This is why it’s better to not get caught. The only way to do so is to make sure your personal information and your bank details are secure. Look for a privacy policy on the website of your choice to be on the safe side.

6. To get a time-saver, not vice-versa

When you order your paper from a writing service that has no experience, you might find yourself editing and even changing your assignment entirely. An experienced writer is a guarantee that your assignment will be completed in the right way, using the formatting style and academic language you need.

7. To get your paper amended if necessary

One of the best signs of a high-quality writing service is its readiness to admit one’s fault. Check out if the company you’ve chosen is ready to make changes to papers it delivers. This willingness to provide you with the best academic assistance possible can be marked as a free revision policy.

8. To get your money back if you don’t like your paper

A satisfaction-or-money-back guarantee is an option only high-quality services are able to provide. Can you imagine how much the company has to be sure of its quality to offer a refund to those clients who don’t like something in their papers?!

9. To have a support team when you need it

One high-quality essay writer is great, but as a rule, it is not enough. To provide the ultimate academic assistance and the best experience to clients, a variety of professionals combine their efforts and create companies. This is why we recommend you to opt for academic assistance services that have support team members, editors, proofreaders, client managers, and other experts along with writers in their staff.

10. To become better in a discipline you’ve ordered your paper in

High-quality experts will never leave you on your own with your questions. Good academic writers will provide you with copies of sources and will explain things you don’t understand in your paper.
There are some ways you can decrease the price of your custom paper. Order in advance. The price of one page of academic writing always depends on several things you indicate in your order. The higher the client’s academic level and the closer the deadline, the more expensive the order is. You can always refrain from additional options that boost the quality of your paper. But please, never go for free or overly cheap services if you want your paper to be a helper in your academic life and not a nightmare.

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