“For the sake of the discussion, I started coding 37 years ago (I was 11 years old) and never stopped since then. Beyond having been appointed as R&D Director 24 years ago (I was 24 years old), among (many) other works, I have since then designed and implemented the most demanding parts of TWD’s R&D projects* – all of them delivering commercial products…”
This should tell you the caliber of person Pierre Gauthier is. Hence, failing an interview with Google is very shocking.
Here are the ten questions he was asked in his Google Interview:
1. What is the opposite function of malloc() in C?
2. What Unix function lets a socket receive connections?
3. How many bytes are necessary to store a MAC address?
4. Sort the time taken by: CPU register read, disk seek, context switch, system memory read.
5. What is a Linux inode?
6. What Linux function takes a path and returns an inode?
7. What is the name of the KILL signal?
8. Why Quicksort is the best sorting method?
9. There’s an array of 10,000 16-bit values, how do you count the bits most efficiently?
10. What is the type of the packets exchanged to establish a TCP connection?
At the end of his blog post on his google interview, he jokes, “My score is four on ten, that’s better than my best Google pagerank** ever!”
“Google’s representative stated that both management and up-to-date coding skills were required (a rare mix). But having exercised the former for more than 2 decades and the latter for almost 4 decades was not enough: I failed to give the “right answers”. Is Google raising the bar too high or is their recruiting staff seriously lacking the skills they are supposed to rate?” He wrote.
“I really wish I could afford to teach (and hire) everyone willing to learn. If I can’t do better, one day I will write a book to help others do better than me – and I promise to publish information not seen anywhere else (open-source code, Academia, etc.).
All the best (Google included).”
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