Growing your presence on Instagram can feel like a full-time job.
With all the nuts and bolts that go into a successful post such as design, analytics, and engagement, just maintaining all of these different processes can be quite the struggle. When you factor in trying to grow your Instagram account, it can often feel like an everyday struggle.
However, with the right tools, you’ll not only be able to start streamlining and simplifying your processes to maintain a better focus, but also start seeing how you can grow your presence tenfold. That’s why we’re bringing you a few of our favorite tools that can help get you on the right track in 2020. Click here to check them out:

1. ViralRace

If you’re looking for a distinct edge over the competition, then ViralRace is one of the best places to start. What makes ViralRace special is their unique algorithm, which taps into a network of influencers to expand and boost engagement, thus allowing you to buy Instagram followers.
By bringing on engagement quickly to your account, they’re able to let you buy real Instagram likes from real people much faster than trying to hack it organically on your own. With pricing that outshines the bunch for the solid return you’re going to get, ViralRace is well-worth adding to your Instagram arsenal, especially if you’re looking to start boosting the level of engagement on your content.

2. Figma

One of our favorite tools to come out in the past couple of years, Figma is an absolute treat for anyone looking to up their design game. As a free service, their rich, robust editor enables you to design posts in real-time with your team. That means no more having to bounce PSDs back and forth on Slack.
Although it’s a program designed primarily for people who’ve worked in design for a while, it’s relatively straightforward for a novice to pick up and start putting together content. Available as a web and native desktop app, Figma is an absolute gem for anyone looking to step up the quality of their output for the ‘gram.
You can also engage with ingramer to enhance your Instagram growth.

3. BuzzSumo

Influencer culture reigns supreme on Instagram, which is why getting familiar with some research tools to help you find who’s going to provide you the best ROI is clutch. While there are some sources and lists out there that serve as aggregators, BuzzSumo is perhaps the most in-depth Instagram influencer research platform.
The analytics they provide are some of the most useful metrics for cross-comparing influencers not only on Instagram but how these individuals will perform on secondary channels as well. Although they’re priced to be in-line with social media teams, they also are well worth the extra dollars if you’re aiming to run an influencer campaign anytime soon.

4. Linktree

Linktree helps you get past the hurdle of only being able to have one link in your Instagram bio. Although a relatively simple service, it keeps all your links in one place, which makes it easy for managing where you want people to go.
While we recommend it more for service businesses, artists, and individuals rather than eCommerce, the skies the limit for how creative you want to get with their customizable features. And with a price that’s baseline is free and max is $6, this is practically a steal for an Instagram tool to keep in your back pocket.

5. Later

Later has made a significant name for themselves amongst Instagram marketers, and it’s easy to see why. Coming out with the brilliant LinkInBio (a tool that visually mirrors your Instagram grid with linkable content), their other services are just as intuitively designed as well.
As a visual planner, Later helps you capture a bird’s eye view of how your Instagram content will look laid out, which is especially helpful if you’re planning eCommerce content or need a visual aesthetic for new visitors that’ll pop. Our winner for anyone looking to sell more from their Instagram, Later is a top-tier product to use across channels.

6. Buffer

If you’re planning on working together with a team on your Instagram content, then checking out a manager like Buffer is your best bet. As they’ve had some skin the game for a few years now, their three flagship products of Publish, Reply, and Analyze are some of the best tools on the market for teams to manage conversations, keep track of scheduling, and study their results.
Especially great if you’re working with a small to mid-sized team, Buffer helps put all of your social efforts into one convenient place.


For those looking to enhance their visual editing capabilities, VSCO is a classic. Offering a free and Membership version, members are given an array of presets, advanced editing tools, video coloring, and even film emulation sets too. At $20 for the year, VSCO has been considered a must-have by social media experts and photography fans alike, providing a community of visual fans that’s cultivated over the years. If it’s not already on your phone, this is practically a must-have for anyone looking to improve their photo and video content.

8. Photoshop Express

Another classic design tool, Photoshop Express is the mobile app version of Adobe’s famed photo editing software. Just as thorough as their desktop version, Photoshop Express gives you the ability to edit photos on-the-go, complete with all the basic necessities you might need to really make your work pop.
Although slightly more expensive than a lot of the competition, you’re also getting the assurance you’ll be at the industry standard with Photoshop.

9. AR Effects

Over the past few months, AR Effects have been exploding in popularity on Instagram. These are tools that you should get familiar with, as the type of engagement people have been expressing with them is something no social media platform has seen.
Some popular examples include trivia (such as What Presidential Candidate Are You?), dancing figurines (or characters), and face masks. As a completely free way of garnering more earned media, finding someone who can make AR Effects and getting something done for your brand can absolutely bolster your Instagram.

10. Sprout Social

To round out our list is Sprout Social, which is an enterprise-level social media management platform. Perfect for teams that are scaling quickly or looking to grow to a national (or international) level soon, Sprout Social is a complete suite of tools that include scheduling, managing, and monitoring posts. It also enables you to run multiple accounts from one hub as well.
A simple, streamlined approach to social media management, Sprout Social makes it easy for your team to collaborate on Instagram content. While it’s priced at a professional level, it’s also something you can plug and play with your team immediately.

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