Though the traditional mode of payment (cash) is still dominant in Ghana, various other means have been developed to ensure a smooth mode of payment, avoidance of queues ET AL.
One of these “new” methods include the mobile money payment system which has been developed and adopted by most of the telecommunication networks in Ghana. This has enhanced financial inclusion in the country.
As financial inclusion increased, expectations of users also increased. After the realization that they could save money on their phones, make payments and transfer money using their phones, users began to ask for interoperability– the ability to send and receive money from other mobile networks apart from theirs and to also link their bank accounts to their mobile wallet.
As these demands and expectations increased, fintech (Financial Technology) companies saw the need to meet them. So they built platforms that will enhance payments, interoperability between mobile money-mobile money and mobile money-bank transfers.
In this post, we have listed ten (10) of these payment apps in Ghana:

Ten Fintech Payment Apps in Ghana


expressPay is an eCommerce market place and a payment gateway provider. That is, expresspay allows you to gain access to certain services such as Surfline internet, Vodafone broadband, DSTv, GOtv, etc and serves as an official Visa Payment Technology Provider (PTP) and the leading Visa eCommerce processor in Ghana.

Zeepay allows for mobile money payments, international remittances, third party payments and domestic transfers.


Slydepay is a disruptive mobile money app that enables smooth money transfer, merchant and person to person payments into the Ghanaian market.


Hubtel helps you to organize the contacts, demographics and all other details of customers. There is also no need to set up separate messaging accounts for your SMS, email or voice message. You can get them on one platform.
This software also helps you to separate processing accounts for cards or mobile money. Accept cards, cash, mobile money and loyalty points online, in your stores or on the go.


Mazzuma is a mobile payment app you can use to pay your bills, buy airtime for any network, send money to any network and you do all of these using just your mobile money account. You don’t need a Visa card to send money, buy airtime or even pay bills.


Unlike some other platforms, Korba doesn’t hold your money. One, therefore, does not need a Korba wallet.
Also, Korba gives a detailed transaction history of whatever transfer one has made and gives an instant notification to both the sender and recipient after any transaction.
Korba takes the stress out of transferring funds and making payments across mobile networks and payment cards. It’s instant, secure and reliable.


Move helps you to move money from your mobile money wallet into another mobile money wallet on any network.


MyGhPay is an amalgamated online payment platform that gives you the freedom to make payments. You are the owner of your money and the beneficiary of the service. You should have the freedom to make payments anytime and anywhere you want to; time and distance should not be a barrier.


The application integrates the already existing various mobile money platforms, the traditional banking platforms and other pay networks across the country.


This is a platform that enhances the relationship between merchants and consumers by facilitating bill payment and collection of same.
Though most of these fintech apps look like they’ve been duplicates, there are few differences that distinguish each of them.

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