You no longer need to search for effective ways to track iPhone anymore. Now, you can surprise your friends with your phone monitoring skills. We have found the best practices on how to track a phone without them knowing.
Today, we will share not one but ten platforms to help you track any iPhone you want. So, let’s start and cover them one by one.


CocoFinder is the leading search engine to find public information about a US resident. It works by getting information from the government records and show it to you with some easy-to-use tools. You can visit its website and click on any feature to gather some information.
In this case, you need to click on the Phone Lookup feature to track an iPhone. It will ask you to enter the number of that device. After that, you can get the information related to the iPhone owner. Finally, this information can be used by clicking on the People Search feature to get the person’s information by phone number.
Tip: Many other features allow you to check someone’s past activities.

Why we love CocoFinder?

Most people prefer to use this application due to its safe and secured website. It is encrypted by an SSL certificate and does not store your data. You do not even need to register on the platform to provide direct access to all its services.
That is the best thing about this free platform to research an individual. You can know about its features on the website.


Here is one of the most advanced search engine to find information about any phone number. ZabaSearch’s website has a clean layout that makes it easier for beginners to find a device. You can find all the features on its homepage to proceed.
Among its Background Checker, Address Lookup, and People Search feature, you can find the phone lookup service. It will help you get the correct information about any mobile phone connection. That way, you can get someone’s information without worrying about getting caught.


You can trust TruthFinder to help you lookup for a phone number. Although it is a complete solution to get public information, it is famous for its phone lookup services. Hence, it is one of the first few applications that come to our find for the task.
We like that it does not ask you for any details and works without any registration process. It means that you won’t spend any money to track a device.

Instant CheckMate

Here is another reliable application to use the Phone Lookup feature. Like other websites on this list, it offers a solution to access someone’s public records with their name or phone number. However, it is much faster than other applications, as all the information is synced with this platform.
Other than this, most of the features are the same and work just fine.


Intelius was designed to help people avoid spam calls. It has a feature that shows you whether the number can be trusted or not. However, you can use its phone locator to know more about a phone number.
This application is famous for its address lookup that allows you to know the owner of a property. Although it is a bit irrelevant to the feature you are looking for, you can still use it to track the registered address’s phone location.



SpyDialer is dedicated to helping people with caller IDs. You can visit its website and search for any number you want. It will crawl for the registered user and will show you the public details of that person.
You can trust its results are they are from government agencies. Additionally, the application is free to use.


As you can understand from the name, TruePeopleSearch helps you get the true identity of a person. It is helpful when someone is calling you from an unknown number. You just need to enter that number in its Phone Lookup feature, and it will show you the complete details of the person.
The remarkable thing about this platform is that you can check the time and date of the registration of that phone number.


If you have searched all the platforms with no luck, Spokeo can help you out. It may not have the largest database, but it can track the virtual numbers conveniently. With this feature, you won’t face any difficulty in tracking someone’s iPhone location.
We recommend using this application for landing and virtual phone numbers.


WhitePages is one of the biggest platforms to search for public information online. On top of that, all the data available on this website is directly from the police records. Hence, you can trust the data without having any second thoughts about its credibility.
Although it focuses on white pages, there is still an option to search for a phone number’s location. Use that feature and get as much information as you want.
Tip: You can get the person’s name from this website and use the phone lookup feature of CocoFinder for the best results.


You can trust CheckPeople to give updated information about a cell phone number. All you need to do is use the iPhone’s phone number and check for the user. After that, you can use that data to check that person’s live location from People Search option.
That way, you do not need to use any third-party application, and you will get the person’s information as well.

Final Words

If you think that tracking a device is impossible for beginners, then you might want to reconsider it. The websites that we covered in this article are well-equipped with the best tools to track any iPhone you want. Additionally, you do not even need to touch the device to follow it.
The best thing about these applications is that they are legal to use. Additionally, there is no need to create an account on any platform. Hence, your data stays safe with you. We recommend checking the privacy policy to know how you can use the retrieved data for tracking.


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