10 biggest Apple iOS 13 updates coming to iPhones

ios 13 updates

Apple has announced its plans, new devices and services from now onwards at its recent WWDC 2019 event. And the company announced the iOS 13 and the updates it’s bringing to iPhones.

Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, has touted the iOS 13 as the “next big release for iOS”. So let’s see what the new iPhone operating system has to offer.

Biggest updates from the iOS 13

Improvements to performance

Apple says the iOS 13 is way more improved than last year’s iOS 12. This year, the company is putting more emphasis on improved performance, especially for older iPhones.

Apple has promised the Face ID to unlock 30% faster now. It also said with iOS 13, apps will open twice quicker than the iOS 12. But until the software is released into the real world, we won’t know if it really beats its predecessor.

Apple Maps

Maps is getting a complete makeover with iOS 13. Apple says it has rebuilt the Maps app entirely. So now, iPhone users can have a more comprehensive map data and Google Street View. The caveat here is, the new Maps features are not rolling out internationally until 2020.

iMessage Profile Pictures

iOS 13 is bringing WhatsApp- and Facebook Messenger-style profile pictures and display names to iMessage. You will be allowed to use your Memoji as a profile photo, too.

Dark Mode

One of the most anticipated features in this year’s mobile operating systems. Finally, iPhones are going to get a true, system-wide dark mode, thanks to the iOS 13 update.

All first-party apps are getting the dark mode feature. Also, the notifications and the dock are getting the dark mode.

ios 13 dark mode


On privacy, you can choose to give your location data to an app “just once”.

Developers are also getting a “Sign in with Apple” feature. Developers will use this feature to log into apps and services. Users will be able to log into Face ID and create a new account for a service “without revealing any personal information”.

To keep your privacy intact, Apple has provided a “Hide My Email” option that will hide your email address from app developers and will generate a random email address for you. Emails will be forwarded to your original email ID from the randomly generated email address.

The “Sign in with Apple” feature is also available on the web apart from iOS devices.

Quick Path keyboard

Apple is updating its keyboard with features similar to SwiftKey, Swype, and Gboard. It is simply a swiping function. And Apple wants to be different, it calls its version the “Quick Path” keyboard.

New photo and video editing tools

iOS 13 is updating the default Photos app with new photo and video editing tools. Yup! Apple doesn’t want you to use third-party editing apps. Highlights, vignette, brilliance, noise reduction, white balance, etc. can all be adjusted. You can also rotate your videos directly from the Photos app.

ios 13 update: photo & video editing tools
iOS 13 photo and video editing tools

Reminders app

For those that were complaining about the iPhone’s Reminders app, Apple is using iOS 13 to make it more usable. You get new options like “Today”, “Flagged”, “Scheduled,” and “All”. These filtering options are to help sort your tasks.

The Reminders app also has a new look. There is also AI integration here.

Find My iPhone + Find My Friends = Find My

Apple has combined the Find My iPhone and the Find My Friends apps. They are now one app called “Find My.” It puts all your tracking in a single place. Find both lost devices and contacts at the same time.

The new Find My app finds devices that are even offline. It sends secures Bluetooth signals via other Apple devices, sends it to Apple then back to you. The technique uses end-to-end encryption so no privacy issues. It doesn’t affect data and battery life as well.

Updated first party apps (Apple Mail, Notes, and Safari)

Aside Reminders, other default apps are getting new updates in iOS 13. Apple Mail is going to get new desktop formatting. Notes will have a new gallery view for looking at all your notes at once. Safari is getting per-website preferences.

iOS 13 availability

Though iOS 13 and its updates will be fun to have, not all iPhones are getting it. Eligibility starts from the iPhone 6S upwards. Essentially, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S are old phones now.




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