YAShowGH S02EP08: Developing A Unique Selling Point ft Bernard Kelvin Clive & John-Bunya Klutse

unique Selling Point

I got the opportunity to be featured on the concluding episode of #JuneisGreater. The Topic for discussing on the episode was  Developing a Unique Selling point in Business and in Career.  

Myself (John-Bunya Klutse) was hosted by Joel on the Tech Buzz where I shared some insight into how one can fund their digital startup in Ghana, and Yaw spoke on the birth of Content Marketing and how business in Ghana can take advantage to accelerate their growth.

Bernard Kelvin Clive, a brand expert, and an author was the guest on the show and he shared his knowledge on how one can develop their unique selling point.

YAShowGH S02E08 Audio – Take a Listen

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