TECNO Mobile’s New Line Of Budget Smartphones For Millennials Name Leaked

tecno mobile new smartphone

TECNO Mobile is Set to unveil its new line of budget smartphones targetted at millennials. 

Your favourite Tech and Social blog; JBKlutse.com is breaking the ice on rumours on TECNO Mobile’s new smartphone.

Well, the good thing this time around is that TECNO Mobile isn’t playing the mystery game with its much talked about August revelation. Yes, it is affirmative that next month will see the Asian giant roll out a new line of budget smartphones targetted at Millennials (19’s, 20’s and campus goers).

New youth mobile from TECNO is a mop up strategy

In the past decade, the TECNO Mobile brand has enjoyed success especially with its feature and budget smartphone lines across Africa and the Middle-east where mostly youth demographics embrace the offerings of the brand.

Stepping up the chase for market share in Africa, TECNO has set her focus on recruiting Millennials and campus students and there can’t be a better way of doing that (at least from TECNO’s standpoint) than the release of a trendy budget smartphone ($70-$100 price tag, it’s that affordable!)

Android 7.0, fingerprint, chic design, plus size  all the good stuff at the right price tag!

I think if TECNO Mobile pulls its latest series off at the $70 price tag, it will be hard for millennials in Ghana to resist the offer of all the premium options of a high-end the new series promises at a steal.

That brings us back to the nameso, what will TECNO call its soon-to-launch youth mobile line? At least, they were courteous enough to share an official list of name options on our request.

Flash, Twinkle, Spark or Flare – TECNO Mobile joggle names for its new mobile series. 

What do you think will best fit for this new line of smartphones that will excite the Millennials? Flash, Twinkle, Spark or Flare

Comment your guess below. The first two (2) correct comments win something from us.

Stay glued to our blog for I will later update you on the specifications, features and the Ghanaian price of this latest TECNO smartphone.

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