Super Mario Run Launches On The iPhone And iPad

super mario run iphone ipad

Nintendo has launched Super Mario to run on iPhone and iPad.

The app marks the first time the firm has created a smartphone game based on its most famous character.

Earlier this year, Pokemon Go became very popular. Even though Nintendo owns a minority stake in the Pokemon Company, the title was created by a third party, reports suggest.

Experts predict the new game will also prove popular, but suggest an anti-piracy feature is misguided.

“Mario is one of the best loved and established icons of gaming and I think this is going to be tremendously successful,” said Piers Harding-Rolls from the IHS Technology consultancy to BBC.

“To open up the full game you have to make an in-app purchase – it’s quite big but it is a one-off and I don’t think people will think Nintendo is trying to rinse their audience.”

One thing that comes as a minus to the new game is the inability to play offline as people may want to play while they are “on the go”.

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