These Simple Tips Will Help You Charge Your Android Phone Faster

Tips charge phone faster
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Mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives and that is how come you can see people moving around with headphones listening to music, people in public transport with their heads low using social media and others receiving calls in public places.

Therefore, it is very important to keep your phone’s battery running as regular as possible to keep up with time and to never have a boring moment. Probably, you are heading out and you just realize you have 5% battery left. What are you going to do? Waiting for your phone to charge can be a very nerve-wracking and pulse testing experience.

But there is always a way out of every situation. Your phone can charge faster. That is why I have sampled these few tips that will help you charge your Android Phone faster.

Use The Original Charger

Android Phones usually come with the same micro USB port chargers hence, users are tempted to use any charger at all when their batteries run low. Even though your phone can be charged by any charger at all, it will charge faster if you use its original charger.

Every charger has its output voltage and its mAh. Make sure you check those specs to ensure it’s compatible with your phone before you use it.


Avoid Charging With Your Computer or Laptop


If you want your phone to charge faster, plugging it into a laptop/computer is a no no!

The voltage and amperage provided by the computer is considerably lower than in the case of using a normal charger so the mobile is using “slow charge mode”.

Use Power Banks

Most Power Bank’s have automatic current regulators built into them which automatically adjusts to your phone’s preferred charging current. It is therefore prudent to get a good quality brand. Same can’t be said for most generic power bank variants out there.

Switch To Airplane Mode

Enabling Airplane mode blocks all internet connections, calls and SMS among others. But if you want your phone to charge faster, this is one of the best options.

Turn It Off

This is the most effective method.  But make sure you don’t need your phone urgently. Obviously, any alarms or notifications won’t come through when it is off.

I use this method a lot especially when I am in the hurry and I have less than 15% of my battery power left.

Reduce The Usage of Some Features

You will usually find people with their data, Bluetooth, WiFi etc on. These features, when turned on are power consuming and reduce the charging speed. Hence, it is prudent to turn these features off when they are not in use.

Have you tried any of these tips? Do you have another way through which you charge your phone faster? Leave a comment in the box provided below.

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