Shop Without Stress – How To Benefit From The MelcomOnline Store


You may be a very busy person with a lot on your hands during the week. On weekends, you may just want to relax or pay more attention to your religious and social duties. But you still need to replace that washing machine or iron that has broken down. Maybe, you need some new clothes to change your wardrobe or buy some furniture or just get some household stuff.

Even though life has become more complex for us with a lot to do on the go, technology has been able to meet our needs such that things like shopping can be done with just the click of a few buttons – once you know what you want to buy.

Online shopping has its own flaws. Fraud and the increase of fake products are prevalent among them. That is why you need to shop with a known brand that is trusted and has stood the test of time. In Ghana, only a few brands fall in this category and Melcom stands tall among them.

Started in 1989, Melcom has gradually become Ghana’s largest chain of retail stores with 36 retail outlets. In an attempt to expand and meet the current and pressing needs of customers to suite their lifestyle, Melcom has introduced the melcomonline store.


The melcomonline store allows you to shop and pay with Mastercard, Visa, mobile money or cash on delivery. Depending on what would be best for you, you can either receive items at the nearest Melcom Shop or on delivery at affordable prices.

To purchase an item on melcomonline, just log on to and select any item you want from any category just as you find them in the physical structure.

Melcom online has a partnership with Skynet Express which makes them quickly dispatch merchandise to a preferred location for pick-up by the customer.

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