Convenient Way To Apply for Renewal Of Your Ghanaian Driver’s License Online

How does it feel driving long distances to apply to get your drivers’ license renewed? Do you enjoy the long and quite frustrating procedures it takes for the application process? Why go through all this when you can apply to renew your Ghanaian driver’s license online.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has introduced an online service that allows Ghanaians to apply for a renewal of their driver’s license sitting in the comfort of their homes or workplaces. An applicant must have an account with DVLA to be able to access this service.

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Process To Renew Your Ghanaian Drivers License Online

This service allows easy renewal of Ghanaian driver’s license online without hustle and bustle.

To apply for a renewal of your driver’s license, visit the DVLA’s website to create an account with DVLA. Creating and account would enable you to login your details on the  DVLA website. After logging in your details the system will take you through the procedures it takes to apply to renew your license.

You can create an account as an individual or as a  business.  Visiting the DVLA registration site would give you an option either to register as a business or an individual. You choose the category you belong to and fill in your details.

After creating an account you are now eligible to apply for a renewal of your license online.  You can do this by visiting the DVLA website logging in your details and proceed with the application process to apply for a renewal of your Ghanaian driver’s license online.

This process is simple and accessible to all Ghanaians eligible to drive.

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