Bishop David O. Oyedepo: WCI Prophetic Declarations For This Week – December 18, 2016

Bishop David Oyedepo WCI Prophetic declarations
Photo credit: WCI


  • By the Blood, the power of sin over your life is destroyed today in the name of Jesus!
  • The benefits and profitings of godliness shall manifest in our lives in the name of Jesus!
  • The year 2017 is pregnant and it’s pregnant in your favor!
  • All through 2017, you will be living an overcomer’s life!
  • The remaining days of your life, you will live it to please God!
  • Your business shall be exempted and sporadically elevated!
  • All your movements throughout this period shall be covered!
  • Your going out and coming in shall be preserved in Jesus name!
  • The enemy will not have a place in your life!
  • You are going places and no devil will touch you in Jesus’ name!
  • Every agent of the devil set to bring you down will crash in your place!
  • Your case is different and settled!

Declaration: My case is different anytime, any day and anywhere. I thank you Jesus!

Oyedepo prophetic declarations

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