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fameko app
The advent of smartphone and technology has made life very simple. Now it’s very unlikely for someone to get lost and be miserable unless of course you got low battery and your phone goes off.
So most people will turn to google maps for directions. Well that’s cool but unfortunately google maps can be quite cumbersome to use for some or should I say;most people. So in my search, I came across fameko app … Very simple and awesome app available on google play store.
It’s one app for all navigation needs.
fameko app 2
Fameko app is free and works by searching local businesses, banks, ATM’s, Bus Stops, Hospitals etc. Fameko App gives an edge in finding the most wonderful places surrounding you with a beautiful user interface. In details, such an application provides you with all the available places near you with detailed information.
 fameko app 1
fameko app 3
Also Fameko app acts as a great navigation tool by which you can find your way in a strange city or location. Especially it will be easier for you to find your wanted place thanks to the direction tool.

Let’s study what benefits Fameko App brings:

  • You can easily find nearby clubs, hospitals, hotels, café, bars, banks, etc or any place you desire to look for
  • Each location is attached with full details including address, images, rating, phone number, map direction, user review and distance from the place you are currently standing at.
  • A great map direction tool with estimated time and distance is available to direct you how to reach your selected destination through streets. In other words, you will never worry to be lost in an unfamiliar location.
  • The results may be sorted by distance or rating.
  • All search results can be demonstrated in map.
  • You can add any location to your Favorite list.
  • You will be attracted by a nice-looking icon system.
All-in-all, I think this app is quite useful and a “must have” for everyone especially those of us who move around a lot!
or better still search for “fameko app” on the google playstore
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