All You Need To Know About The MTN aYo Send With Care


Saving, withdrawing and sending money via MTN Mobile Money is one thing and getting that money insured with MTN aYo send with care is another.

This is all you need to know about the MTN aYo Send With Care

To register for the service, you should be between the ages of 18 and 65.


Ayo Send With Care allows you to be purchasing over valid for 120 days when you send mobile money through it. Also, sending money to a beneficiary using aYo Send With Care helps the beneficiary too receive accumulated cover through his MTN mobile money when you pass or spend a night in the hospital due to physical injuries caused by a trauma event.

Again, if you pay your school fees through Send with Care and then pass away or spend at least 1 night in hospital because of a physical injury caused by a trauma event, your accumulated cover will be paid into the School’s MTN Mobile Money Account for your children’s school fees.

By using Send with Care you will receive bonus value (MyBonus). MyBonus becomes available to you once it reaches a specified threshold and you can choose to have it cashed out into your MTN Mobile Money account.

Claims can be done directly from your cell phone. Your beneficiary or MyCaretaker (trusted person) can claim on your behalf in the event that you are unable to do so.


Insurance comes with premiums and the premiums that come with MTN aYo send with care are as follows:

  • if you send GHS50 the cost for Send with Care to you will be 50 * 5% = GHS2.50
  • if you send GHS200 the cost for Send with Care to you will be 200 * 5% = GHS10.00
  • if you send GHS450 the cost for Send with Care to you will be 450 * 5% = GHS22.50

The sender of the money is supposed to take the cost of the premium.

When You Turn 65

If you have already signed up with aYo (before the age of 65) you can continue to enjoy the benefits of aYo Send with Care up to the age of 65.

When you turn 65, you will no longer qualify for Send with Care. The balance of cover will remain in place until it expires, thereafter your aYo registration will be cancelled and your policy will be terminated.

Your Policy is created for you once you add Send with Care to a remittance and successfully pay the premium out of your MTN Mobile Money account. The policy can be viewed by going through the terms and conditions on the website.


MyCaretaker is someone you can trust with your money. This person can claim on your behalf when you are not able to do so and also ensure that your beneficiary receives the Send With Care proceeds due them.

You will need the following information to enter their details:

  • First name,
  • Last name,
  • Cell phone number and
  • Date of birth.

Follow the “MyCaretaker” option in the Send with Care section in the MTN Mobile Money USSD menu.

The person may not have be a subscriber of MTN Mobile money but in the case where he/she acts as a beneficiary too, being a subscriber is a must.

Subject to any exclusion criteria in the aYo Terms and Conditions, the following cover is available to you through Send with Care:

MTN aYo will pay your policy proceeds to your beneficiary(s) that received Send with Care, in the event that:

  • you pass away
  • accidental hospitalisation, i.e. spend at least one night in hospital because of a physical injury caused by a trauma event (either accident, impact or injury), where hospitalisation should take place during the period of cover, and
  • you have sent money to your beneficiary using Send with Care within 4 months of the event occurring.
  • a claim is initiated; and
  • your cover has not expired.

aYo Send With Care has helped many in Uganda and Zambia. Get your money insured now. For more information, visit their website.

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