Have A Look At Windows 10’s New Design Language-NEON

project neon

Last November, Microsoft was reported to have started a “Windows 10 design overhaul” dubbed Project NEON.

MSpoweruser has leaked some images of the project; and if that is anything to go by, so far, it looks so good.

Project NEON is not a complete overhaul of the current Windows 10 design language but it comes with just some minor changes which makes it look very interesting.

According to mspoweruser, Project NEON will heavily focus on animations, simplicity, and consistency – essentially bringing back Windows 7’s Aero Glass and mixing it up with animations like the ones from the Windows Phone 8/7 era.

Microsoft is introducing a new component called “Acrylic” to the Windows 10 design, which is essentially blur in the background, sidebar or the navigation of the app. These are known as “Side-Nav Acrylic”, “Background Acrylic” and “In-App Acrylic” respectively

Project Neon

You can see a bit of what these animations might be like in the Microsoft Groove music app, which you can see in the GIF below (watch how the album art shrinks when you scroll down the track list).

Project NEON also focuses a lot on 3D and HoloLens interactions. Hovering over a navigation item or element shows a backdrop to make it feel like a natural interaction. On a PC, the background color will follow your mouse’s pointer – but on a HoloLens, it’ll presumably follow your gaze or HoloLens’ clicker.

Project NEON will reportedly be implemented later this year in an update codenamed Redstone 3, which will follow the Creators Update (aka Redstone 2) that’s releasing in April.

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