Africa’s Queen Of Blogging, Linda Ikeji Has Launched A Social Network – LIS

linda ikeji social

Africa’s Queen of blogging , Linda Ikeja is making the news again. This time it has nothing to do with Wiz kid. The Nigeria Blogger has taken a bold move to launch her own social network she called “Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) .”

Linda Ikeji Social is a combination of blogging and rich social experience on one platform. LIS is basically Facebook meets Linda Ikeji Blog meets!

Users of LIS can connect with friends on LIS, chat, get news updates, sell eye-witness stories and more.

Watch Linda talking about her new social network.

Linda explains: “LIS is so different from other social networking sites in the world because you can make a lot of money by being one of our LIS affiliates via your business pages. There will also be a lot of giveaways happening on LIS…starting next week! We are giving away N1million.”

A Screenshot of Linda Ikeji Social – LIS


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