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Best website hosting.

Finding the best website hosting company can be a headache but once you get it right; you automatically extend your happy days in managing your blog website.

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Every self-hosted WordPress website needs a web hosting account to host it. This is one of the crucial things you need to pay attention to.

The health and progress of your blog website depends on this. If you don’t want to lose traffic then you need to make sure you settle for the best website hosting account you can afford.

This can turn into a nightmare if you don’t get it right.

NOTE: This post on Deciding on your blog website hosting contains some affiliate links. If you purchase a service through one of my links I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for the support! It means a lot.

There two types of  website hosting accounts you can lookout for: Shared hosting account or a VPS or Dedicated server.

For new a blogger, I will recommend going for a shared hosting account for starters. This is affordable and can get your blog started without paying so much.

Dedicated servers are good for one to have, but they are expensive and not a good solution for a new blog. You may consider this when you have been able to growing your traffic to let’s say 100,000 daily visitors. Depending on the type of shared hosting you are using, this may be too much for it to handle, at this point it wise for you to want to move to a dedicated Server else you website will be given feedback like:

  1. Database connection error
  2. Webpage unavailble due Insufficient  server resources
  3. Service Unavailable,
  4. etc

Some of the top brands that you can get best shared hosting from include: ipage, Hostgator, bluehost, Godaddy, and many others.

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I can say for a fact that, there is no one best hosting platform; they all have their strengths and weakness. It is your responsibility to find out these weakness and find ways to handle them before you commit financially in acquiring the website hosting account.

They cost between $2 to at most $12 per month. There are lots of discount to enjoy, so do you investigation well for the right offer that meets your budget or you can consider the best deal from iPage – $1.99 Coupon Code: LOWESTPRICE

I have personally bought a hosting account for less than $12 dollars for a whole year from ipage. Ipage is one of hosting companies that give fantastic discounts.

Tip: Whenever you get a good offer from a hosting company, never make the mistake to buy 12 months/ 1 year package. I will recommend you for for 3 years if you can afford it. Why? Because, for a company like ipage, their actually monthly charge is $11.95. So, if you get an offer for let’s say $1.99 or less for a month, and you think you are wise and only pay 12 months with the intension of saving,you will be making a grave mistake. You will live to regret it because, after the 12 months, ipage will have you pay the actual price of $11.95 instead of the initial offer they gave you.

Your best bet is to buy a 3 years package with the mind that after that period you would have been successful with your blog and can afford that or if there is a need to go for a dedicated server you can do so.


Please note that, a shared hosting account labelled: unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited databases, unlimited emails, etc does not mean you have unlimited resource, no!

This is happening is, a dedicated server let’s say with 100GB space and other resources can be shared among 1000 customers; all these customers will have unlimited access to this 100GB of space and resources of the server. The duty of the web hosting company is to manage the usage of the server by monitoring how each customer is using it. That is why, they are quick to send warnings or suspend your account when either a malware or a plugin on your website is causing abuse on the server resources. Such suspensions are revoke when they are sure you have resolved all such issues.

I have been a victim before.

The simple logic is, if 5 balls of mangoes are given to  10 people to share, no one is expected to have whole mango to himself  or herself else others will end up not enjoying their share of the mango. This is why the hosting companies are quick to punish you when you are trying to enjoy more than the other customers on the shared hosting account.

Remember, you did not pay more than any of  the other customers.

This revelation should not make you go strangling someone for over-billing you. This is purely business and they are free to price whatever they deem fit.

I have had friends who pay $100 and more in cedi equivalence and they were not even given a shared unlimited hosting account. You visit their website and it is always down due to insufficient server resources.

I have a friend whose website cannot accommodate even up to 20 people at given time, yet this young man paid close to $100 for that web hosting account.

Try not to be a victim!

It is your responsibility to research before you commit.

Hot Offer: $1.99 Coupon Code: LOWESTPRICE

Think through about this and make the right decision. If you need further help, call me on 0245721815 or send me an  email.

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