Tips To Keep You A Step Ahead Of The Harmattan Weather


The harmattan, the winter of sub-saharan Africa, descended without ceremony or mercy, coating polished terrazzo floors with a layer of dust for my skating pleasure.

It’s the time of the year when the harsh north-easterly winds whip our faces with the sands of the Sahara desert.

It has barely arrived but already has been the talk of town. You just can’t not talk about it.  I have seen a blog on the harmattan that already had over 900 shares when the weather was barely two days old!  It’s to blame for Jon Benjamin’s dry twitter joke and subsequent retraction.

And now it shall be responsible for the tips I intend sharing with you.

  1. To stop our skins from dehydrating you should use a body lotion all the time. Some swear by  shea butter and say  It’s  way better than the imported lotions. I leave that to you to decide. The trick is to apply your lotion while your skin is damp.  Same with your lips. Also keep some handy in your purse and carry a lip balm or chap stick to touch up as the day wears on.
  2. Protect your hair from the harsh weather. Don’t expose it too much. If you won’t do a silk scarf because you are a guy, do a doo-rag.
  3. If you sing, then your vocal cords are important to you. You’ve got to keep them moist. Inhaling steam helps and having warm drinks.
  4. Since harmattan is really a lot of dirt flying around, you should be super cautious. Wash your hands often with soap and carry a hand sanitizer along, everywhere you go.
  5. If you try to keep wrinkle-free skin by having cold showers, I don’t think you’ll wither away because you did some warm baths this season.
  6. Don’t leave food out for long. It will go bad in record time.
  7. Drink lots of water to keep hydrated.
  8. Unless it’s a uniform or you will be in a dust free environment, white is definitely not the colour for the day. it will be a good idea to shelf it for a while.
  9. Keep a pack of hand tissues. It will come in handy as you will have to wipe a lot of seats for your sitting pleasure.
  10. When you hung your clothes to dry, remember, after a short while, it gets dirty again.
  11. Visibility is poor because of the accompanying haze. my tip for motorists:  don’t drive too fast and switch on your headlights where appropriate.
  12. As an airline passenger, make room for cancelled or delayed flights. Remember, your life is important. If you can’t travel because of the haze, don’t have a melt- down.

So here are my tips to keep you a step ahead of the harmattan.

Enjoy the weather!

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