Benewah Diaries: Ghana, Abraham Attah and Civility

Abraham Attah Ghana Civility

March is not even ten days old, yet there is a lot of talk going on in GH.

Beasts of no nation Abraham Attah

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I‘ve heard of Beast of No Nation (though I’ve not watched it yet) I‘ve heard of Abraham Attah and how he seemed to have shot to fame overnight, winning International awards. How good can it get?

However, I‘d not heard the story until 24 hours later and a social media storm.

The story that rankled the blogosphere.  A story that seemingly describes how his fame is being received by others.

My opinion? I’m not going to say who is wrong or who is right but a lot of people in glass houses are throwing stones.

Thanks to social media and a few quick fingers flying over key pads, within a twinkle of an eye, you are chastised by at least a couple of thousands for a perceived wrong.

Putting up a defense becomes difficult because the majority already see you guilty and worthy of swift and immediate punishment.

Once thrust into the lime light of show biz, it’s a new ball game all together. You’re trending and have total strangers making your life their business and profit.

Your failures as a human being are magnified for all to see.

Courtesy and caution is thrown to the wind as people eager to add their two cents to the conversation, forget to be civil and become abusive and insulting.

As we claim to have different personal values and therefore different standards of right and wrong, it is only a matter of time before another shall fall foul of public opinion.

Let’s be civil and think of what it would be like when the tables are turned.

It is only a matter of time.

By Benewah Gyekye Bannermann

(Beanie-waa, Jie-chi, Banner-mann

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