Benewah Diaries: Duping a necessary evil

Duping a necessary evil

Duping a necessary evil

T-R-U-S-T spells trust. Do you trust anyone?

Like, take the person’s word for it?

The market woman tells you “this price is low. I’m doing this because of you” when two sellers down the line, you could have had it at half the price.

Or you pay through your nose to charter a taxi and realize that regular public transportation would have dropped you off right at your destination or worse still, it was a five-minute walk.

From a text book in primary school, you are taught that the function of the head is to carry load. Aaaba

It’s easier to say you won’t trust anyone but then again you are not an island to be wholly self-sufficient.

Sometimes we’re just at the mercy of others.

A young mother needs a means of transportation for herself and her preschool children.

She contacts a mechanic, whom she trusts for a second-hand car. After all, if you’re going to buy a car, you speak to those who have some dealings in them.

The moment she buys, it’s the beginning of trouble.

He had sold a vehicle that had an extremely weak engine. Never mind that it was a 2.0 litre engine when he told the lady it was 1.8 liter or that the dashboard instruments did not work.  She had to buy a new engine.

A sham you will say.

I really felt sorry for the lady she didn’t deserve such a raw deal.

I gave her a ride to work and she asks if my car gives problems as it is the same model as hers.

I was surprised she did not see my car’s dire need of a coat of paint or hear the clanking sound of the engine. I didn’t tell her that I had to bang on the door to get the electronic window to roll up or that I was  wondering if it had any value at all on the market. I had had enough and was considering getting a new car.

All of a sudden, I was an expert on cars.

“So what is your view? Will the engine still consume as much fuel?” she asks expecting an intelligent answer.

My response was, “Well, let’s see how it goes once the engine is fixed”

I sighed, getting duped unfortunately turns out to be a necessary evil in this world.


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