5 Ways To Decide A Future Career That Is Just Right For You

decide future career
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Growing up, we may have considered choosing careers based on the people we came into contact with. We could have read or heard about them.

However, deciding what career best suits one can be quite tasking.

These 5 ways to decide future career listed below can help one to make a right decision in terms of career choice.

1.Consider Your Dream


decide future career

Do you dream of becoming a music star?  If you do, a  probable career choice could be Audio Engineering, Disc Jockey, Music Producer, Singer, and Record Producer.

Travelling the world and seeing new places could be your dream. With this dream, one may pursue a career as an air steward/ stewardess or a pilot.

Your dream may be to appear on television and make an impact on audiences. If then, future careers like acting, show hosting and news broadcasting may just be what you need.

2. Consider Your Hobbies

decide future career



You may love to play video games, interested and passionate about things that have to do with computers and electronic gadgets. The love and thrill for this can get you to be a programmer, software developer and QA specialist.

Drawing and Art may be your speciality, everyone may admire your artwork and paintings. The passion for this can lead you to decide future career. Apart from being an artist, you can also be a graphic designer and create visual concepts that would be available online.

You may also love sports, partake in it, comment about it, read about it, listen to and watch it. This can lead you to career options such as an athlete, Sports Analyst, Sports Commentator and a Sports Journalist.

3. Consider What You Enjoyed Reading Most In School

decide future career

In School, there must have been one particular subject that you enjoyed reading so much and probably topped the whole class in. This may be really helpful in deciding career.

For instance enjoying chemistry can lead one to become a Lab Technician and Pharmacist biochemist.

Interest in Literature and English can also enable people to have a career as a Writer, Editor and Copywriter, poet and as a performing artist.

Accountant, software engineering, actuary, statistician, are but a few of some of the career options in Mathematics.

Interest in Home Economics can lead you into a variety of careers: catering, fashion designing, nutritionist, biochemist, dietitian, interior and exterior decorator are but a few.

4. Consider Your Skills


decide future career

The skills in fixing things can lead one to Career opportunities such as a Technician, auto repairs person, carpentry, electrical work and an architect.

Interpersonal skills like communicating and helping others can also help decide future careers like Social workers, marketing manager, administrative assistant and nurse.

Cooking skills can enable to become a chef, a caterer or a nutritionist.

5. Ask Someone

decide future career

Last but not least is to Ask Someone. Everyone has a special skill or talent. And even if you can’t realise it, try asking your friends, family and loved ones and you would realise that you had potential far beyond what you ever imagined.

Making a decision on the right future career might be quite difficult. It may sometimes leave us in a dilemma since there are a lot of career choices available. However, hope this article helped show how you may decide future career.

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