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You may have experienced a bad service with your Internet Service Provider or used a product that did not live to its brand promise.

You may also want the chance to recommend a restaurant or hotel you visited to the world out there and suggest new products and services to them.

Imagine a platform that allows you to do all these. I mean, a platform that helps you to voice out the bad experiences you’ve had using a product or service and recommending same.

Note that producers and service providers rely on your feedback to improve on service delivery. So it will be in your best interest to review a service especially online (where it is prompt and easily accessible).

Through online reviews, producers are able to interact with us (customers) better and understand what our needs are.

In Ghana, online customer reviews have started gaining ground especially on social media. But having a dedicated platform that helps you to do that more directly is a more effective way. It assures you of an instant feedback; and that is why was created.

About Makolapapa is a customer review company that seeks to give customers a voice when it comes to service delivery. So whether you are happy about a service or not, is the place to be and the platform to voice it out to your service providers.

Visit Makolapapa today to start a review on the last restaurant you visited or the mobile network service you used.

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