Benewah Diaries: My trusty phone charger

Trusty Phone Charger

My Trusty Phone Charger

You never think much of what you have until you are in a tight spot and have to improvise.

I had gone to town to do a few errands and was almost home when I hear a sound like ten thousand milk tins being dragged behind my car.

What in the world was that!

I stop, get down and walk to rear end of the car to find my exhaust pipe lying in the dust.

I was glad it didn’t happen on a busy highway but it was such an inconvenience – a real pain.

How was I to find a temporary fix until an expert had a look?

My auto response was to call up my mechanic. As the phone rang, I wondered how I was going to drag a piece of clanging metal to a garage that was 3km in the opposite direction.

This wasn’t a smart decision.  So what did I tell my mechanic?  I had some small trouble but I would solve it. When I hanged up, I wondered if indeed I had a solution.

A motorist drove by shooting daggers at me. I was parked on the best side of the road while he had to contend with the deep gulleys. Oh well-such is life, you can’t always win.

Hmm. I needed to get something to fasten the exhaust pipe. My phone charger was old and its black cable jacket was gone exposing two thin insulated wires. It should do something grand in its final days in service.

As I looped the wires over and under the exhaust pipe and boot striker plate, I hoped it would support the weight. Slamming the boot shut, I knew the wires were broken.

Long story short. I drove to a neighborhood auto workshop to have it fixed.

And guess what. The charger still charges my phone.

So treat your possessions with a little more respect. You never know what else they could do for you.

Trusty Phone Charger

Photo credit: Jeff Keyzer/

By Benewah Gyekye Bannermann

(Beanie-waa, Jie-chi, Banner-mann)

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