#AppDate: “Bebree” – The Online Personal Assistant That Gets You Anything You Want

bebree personal assistant

Bebree is a unique service that allows you to text and receive anything you want, without stress, 24/7.

At a point, you may need to buy a lot of things and you don’t know which shop to start from. You may be too busy with work that you can’t attend to those shopping needs. Or, you may want pizza from your favourite restaurant but you just can’t afford to leave your office.

Bebree” is here to sort you out.

With just a text away, you can access all goods and services you can think of. Just think of what you want and “bebree” will get it for you.

Bebree’s team of trained professionals will assist you with anything you need. You can ask them to buy you food from your favourite restaurant, or buy a phone, or take your clothes to the laundry. They can deliver anything you want to your doorstep at the shortest possible time.

How Does Bebree Work?

  1. Just text what you need to their number ( 0245748788) and the team will respond appropriately.
  2. After you ask for the item, they find out how much it is and how much it will cost to deliver the item to your door.
  3. They will provide you with cost of item plus delivery, and allow you to confirm the order and then make payment.
  4. After you confirm and make payment, the item is delivered to your doorstep within the stipulated time.

Yes, it’s that simple.

You have a busy schedule and can’t go shopping? Do you need a laundry service? You need to get a gadget/accessory but don’t know where to go. This is where this service matters for you, with Bebree you have both a service and its delivery.

Bebree is a cool deal. I know you will enjoy using it.

The SMS technology adapted by Bebree as a channel of communication will make it easy for most Ghanaian to subscribe.

This is obviously a fantastic service, one that I will certainly want to try, however, the typical Ghanaian is very particular about pricing. The pricing of this service will be a major factor in determining its survival in Ghana.

Even though this service is to save many the stress in getting what they want, most of such people will want to pay close to nothing for this comfort.

In my opinion, the company has to do a lot of work in partnering with as many service providers within their operational regions so that cost of delivery will be less and also they as a company can get good offers to resell to their customers.

It been the first of its kind in Ghana, with the right customer response team, well-structured marketing plan and right partnerships this can be the next big thing like the likes of Tonaton.

Focus on other things as you let your Bebree online personal assistant do the shopping and service scouting for you.

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