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About JBKlutse.com, a JBKlutse Ventures website

1.0 AboutJBKlutse.com

JBKlutse.com is a go-to Tech and Social information website. We focus on delivering up-to-date content on trending tech and social issues everywhere.

We run product and service reviews and features for both individuals and organisations.

As a media venture, JBKlutse.com also develops and manages social media campaigns for brands. We are very competent and ready to meet your media needs.

1.1 Our Mission

Our Mission is to create and publish interesting content for everyone everywhere.

1.2 Our Vision

Our vision is to be listed among the leading online publishing portals by 2020

2.0 Professionalism

All employees and contributors are expected to be professional at all times and in the best interest of JBklutse.com.

2.1 Our Values

Irrespective of writing style or content, values of JBKlutse Ventures are expected to be reflected.

These Core values are:

JBKlutse.com will not promote or create articles that support:

  • Gambling
  • Pornography
  • Politics
  • Human trafficking
  • Social vices, Inappropriate behaviours or values in disagreement to JBKlutse.com‘s values.

2.2 Articles, Stories and other literary work

2.2.1 Articles, Stories and other literary work must be checked by the following criteria below before posting online:

  • Story, article accuracy
  • Spellings
  • Correct word usage
  • sentence constructions
  • Reading Ease and understanding
  • acknowledgement of content source
  • Values reflected
  • Inclusion of contributor’s name to article
  • Article is optimized with keywords for search engines

All posts, blogs, other writings, done under the name or commissioned by JBklutse.com remains the property of JBKlutse.com

Commissioned pieces for JBklutse.com may not be reposted without permission and acknowledgement of the source as JBKlutse.com

2.3 Conflict of interest

2.3.1 JBKlutse.com defines Conflict of Interest as a situation that undermines contributor’s impartiality and/or ability to carry out responsibility to JBKlutse.com because of a clash between person’s self-interest and JBKlutse.com‘s Interest.

2.3.2 Employees and contributors should avoid conflict of interest situations

2.3.3 In a situation that seems to be a potential conflict of interest, decision should be made in the best interest of JBKlutse.com.

2.3.4 In the event where the person involved is not sure, person should contact John-Bunya Klutse ( Website Manager)

2.3.5 This applies to all employees and contributors:

  1. Who maintain a profile page for JBklutse.com on any social or business networking site (including, but not limited to Linked in, facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp or any other social media networking platform
  2. Making comments on such networking sites for and on behalf of JBklutse.com
  3. Writing or contributing to a blog and/ or commenting on other people’s or business’ posts for or on behalf of JBklutse.com ;and/or
  4. Posting comments for and on behalf of JBklutse.com on any public and/or private web-based forums or message boards or other Internet Sites

2.3.6 All contributors must not communicate any confidential Information relating to JBKlutse.com or its clients, business partners or suppliers,

2.3.7 Material that violates the privacy or publicity rights of another party and/ or

2.3.8 Information(regardless of whether it is confidential or public knowledge) about clients, business partners or suppliers of JBKlutse.com without their prior authorization or approval to do so; on any social or business networking sites, web-based forum or message boards or other internet sites

2.4 Private/ Personal Use Of Social Media

2.4.1 JBklutse.com acknowledges that its employees and contributors have the right to contribute content to public communications on websites, blogs and business or social networking sites not operated by JBKlutse.com. However, inappropriate behaviour on such sites has the potential to cause damage to JBKlutse.com as well as its employees, clients, business partners and/or suppliers.

2.4.2 For this reason, all employees and contributors of JBKlutse.com agree not to publish any material in any form which identifies themselves as being associated with JBKlutse.com or its clients, business partners or suppliers.

2.4.3 All employees and contributors of JBKlutse.com must also refrain from posting, sending, forwarding, or using, in any way, any inappropriate material including but not limited to material which:

  • Is intended to (or could possibly) cause insult, offence, intimidation or humiliation to JBklutse.com or its clients, business partners, or suppliers
  • Is defamatory or could adversely affect the image, reputation, viability or profitability of com or its clients, business partners or suppliers
  • And/or contains any form of confidential information relating to JBKlutse.com, or its clients, business partners or suppliers.

Contributor(s): Persons employed, commissioned to do a piece of work for the JBK Ventures. Work may be writings, photography, videography or any other job that JBKlutse Venture is paying for in cash or kind.

The JBKlutse.com Team

Founder and Lead Blogger: John-Bunya Klutse[email protected]

Writing Partner(s)

Benewah Bannermann


Frederick Ebo Hinson

Aisha Kajolica Nasara

Contributing Writers(s)

Contributing Partner(s)

Rachel Hormeku

Sales and Marketing

Emmanuel Gael Purple

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